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29+ Creative Ideas for Real Estate Business Cards

When it comes to real estate, it’s all about making an impression! You can be sure a unique, properly designed business card will help you stand out from a sea of competitors.

Actually, all you need is a little touch of personality and unique element. Take a look at some of our favourite real estate business cards that we’ve featured over the years. Hopefully you’ll be inspired by their creativity and get some ideas for your next business card design.

Real Estate Business Cards

Edgy and Futuristic

MONUMENTUM business card 3

Designed by Marcin Usarek for Monumentum, this is an edgy business card design that will make people look twice. The foiling is perfect against a dark-coloured background, giving the card a striking appearance. Plus, who wouldn’t be impressed with a vertical layout? More details here.


Split Space business cards_2

This is a spectacular business card design that’s so catchy, you wouldn’t think of throwing it away anytime soon! Not only the card design is colourful, but the gold foil finish made it look elegant and stunning. Brilliantly designed by Mireldy Design Studio for a renovated two-story apartment. Don’t miss all the details here.

Architecture & Geometry Elements

BOÉ business card

When you’re a luxury residential condominium, you need to make sure the prospects can remember you upon seeing your business card. Of course, it has to look as premium as possible. Designed by DeLeon Creative for BOÉ, the card uses geometry elements with thoughtful colour combinations to express the brand effectively. The patterns are formed from the logo itself. Learn more about this creative design here.

3D Design

Bremer Immobilien_business cards

Designed by KR8 Bureau for a property management company, the business cards come in different colours and they are vibrant! The capital, three dimensional letter ‘B’ is the spotlight on the back of the card, for a good reason, of course. Be sure to find out what that is, including the design details here.


Amaray business card_4

An artistic business card design by Matchstic for an apartment building in Florida. The business card is designed to express a sophisticated image. The floral imagery is eye-catching, with neutral tones that simulate the architectural and coastal surroundings. More details about the design here.

Natural Elements

Anthos business_card

Designed by Diana Coe for a condominium administrator, the business cards echoed the brand name by using mainly corals as the center of the design. It looks professional and most of all, has a natural and ecological friendly vibe that promotes the brand in a positive way. It will surely get the prospects to be interested with the property and wanted to know more about it! Check out the design details here.

Botanica Jelitkowo business cards

Another beautiful business card design with a natural-theme, designed by Unifikat Design Studio for Botanica Jelitkowo, a cozy estate located near the seaside. Considering the surroundings of the residential areas, the business card is designed to reflect the desired living condition close to nature while giving it a homey feel. More about the design here.

Professional and Distinct

Brokian business card

Designed by Rowen™ for Brokian, a digital company that offers website-creating platform for real estate sector. To make itself more appealing, it uses vibrant colours to go with the black background. The card design shows flexibility through the shapes while reminding the clients that they are the go-to brand for all their tech/IT requirements. More details here.

Welcoming and Cheerful

homely business card

Just like its name, this business card design is welcoming and one can easily feel at ease upon looking at it. Designed by Eddie Lobanovskiy for Homely, an internationally acclaimed real estate portal in Melbourne, this business card design has successfully exudes the brand’s positive vibe with a big smile on the logo. More details here.

Modern & High-End

MODH business card_2

Designed for a German company specialized in modular homes, Temper Tantrum used square grid to represent the modular houses that built in a factory then put together on site; and using sophisticated colour palette to give it a high-end feel. Find out more here.

Shows the Heritage

El Centro Business Card

Designed by Saturna Studio for El Centro, this is a business card design inspired from the ancient and iconic architecture of local buildings, a great way to showcase the area’s heritage while expressing a timeless design. A nice print finish also helps to seal the deal. Find out more here.

Self-Portrait & Historical Influences

Avemobilis business cards2

Designed by Arutza Rico for Avemobilis, the business card design brings out the personality of its founders while ensuring a memorable impression via self-portraits. Apart from that, the card design also uses the Middle Ages elements that give the brand a stronger image as well. A brilliant idea if you wish to stand out of the crowd! More design details here.

Unique Shape

OMA business card

Designed by Mariela Mezquita for a housing project, this is one of the most unique business cards that we’ve featured to date! With its unique, house-like appearance and striking colours, the card can stand for itself or be combined with a card holder. Overall, it sets up a really nice ‘housing unit’ waiting to be owned! Don’t miss all the details here.

DIY and Crafts

Rene Stern birdhouse businesscard

A super innovative business card idea by Yuri Shvets for Rene Stern, by creating a little birdhouse via simple card-folding instructions. Once the folding is done, you can look through the hole to see the agent’s friendly face (and contact details). Surely, no one can argue that this is a one-of-a-kind business card design for a real estate agent. Details here.


Mexto cards

If you have more properties to share, why not create more cards for your prospects? Designed by Musa for a Swiss real estate and property investment company, not only these business cards come in variety, but they are showing each property projects with elegance and clarity. Each design is so distinct and eye-catching, you just have to see them all! Find out the details here.

A Cut to Match the Logo

habitat business card

Designed by Stef Hamerlinck for a real estate firm that wants to do things differently – which is what inspired the idea of a cut for that unique shape that resembles the logo itself. The striking yellow is another clever choice to make the business card as catchy as possible! More details here.

Black and White

PerSe business card

Designed by Elias Mule for PerSe, this monochrome business card design is clean, minimal and crisp, especially for the brand name. The beauty of typography plays its part in getting the details across. Sometimes less is indeed, more! Check out the details here.

Black and Gold

Golden Gate business card

Another popular colour combination that ensures sophistication and professionalism. Designed by Unifikat Design Studio for Golden Gate, these cards are designed for the highest residential tower located in Bahrain Bay. The colour palette also allows the logo to shine through, giving the focus to the brand in a refined, graceful way. More design details here.

Orange Foil & Embossed

Stöttinger Immobilien business card

Apart from the 3D element for the logo, the design applies orange foil to enhance the overall appearance. A clever way to keep things subtle yet striking at the same time. Stunning business card design by Samuel Jungwirth. More details here.

Interactive Map

DESQUARTIERS business cards1

It’s all about GPS coordinates! Designed by Feldman Studio for a real estate agency that offers high-end properties, these business cards are unique on their own, but when combined together, they reveal the full map of Paris. How cool is that! This goes hand-in-hand with their interactive visual identity, which you’ll get to learn more here.

Colourful with Drawings

The Comfort Technology business card

Designed by Rina Barnadskaya for a property management company, the business cards are colourful and filled with lines and cubes. The ideas of both simplicity and complexity are well expressed through the drawings. Be sure to find out the inspirations behind the design here.

Square Layout

Goldfinch business card

Designed by Stephen Cleary, this is a minimalist business card design that uses a square layout. The design is especially suitable for brands that prefer to keep things simple yet high-end, and wish to stand out from generic business cards. More design details here.

Repeated Pattern

Full Fledge business card

Designed by Unique Logo Designs for a company that provides prefeatured houses and flats. The business card uses a repeating pattern on both sides of the card, and cleverly applies striking yet different red tones throughout the design. Check out more details here.

Large Typography

Marbesa 109 business card

Keeping things prominent and obvious with your brand is a good way to get noticed. But how do you do it with sophistication and class? Designed by Unifikat Design Studio for a contemporary signature villa, this business card design is able to keep things subtle yet memorable with the brand name spelled out in large font. More details here.

Clean and Friendly

Doomko business card_1

A clean business card design by Nevena Katalina with a catchy logo for Doomko – not only it’s friendly but is able to tell the card owner’s profession instantly! More design details here.

Have a (little) ‘Heart’

Torre Cora business cards_1

Designed by Lanza Studio, what seems to be a black/white business card, actually has more to offer. By adding a little heart-shape, it gives a sense of warmth and friendliness to the entire branding. Actually, the shape was not randomly added but due to legitimate reasons. Find out more here.

Luxurious & Premium

Real Estate Paragon business cards

Designed by Vighnesh Dudani for a boutique real estate company, the overall business card design is minimal yet modern. It has that luxurious, high-class vibe through proper printing techniques and paper choice. Be sure to find out what they are here.

Classy & Minimalist

Maison de Lumiére business cards

This is a minimal yet colourful business card design by Ayisha for Maison de Lumiére. Besides the vibrant colours, the classy typography enhances the appearance of the card beautifully. More design details here.

Focusing on the Logo

sam zaragoza business card

Going bold and edgy but with simplicity is another good way to impress your prospects. Designed by Miki Grujic for Sam Zaragoza, this business card design has a catchy, meaningful logo inspired by the card owner’s initials. Check out the details here.

Seyfi Group business card1

Designed by Vasili Bosnjakovic for The Seyfi Group, this business card design exudes confidence by putting focus on their well-designed logo. As a company that strives for quality, the overall card design expresses just that, and also trustworthiness through its thick cardstock. More about the design details here.

We hope you’re inspired with our selections and now are ready to create your very own (or client’s) branding with a memorable impact! After all, the idea of giving out a business card is for people to contact you when they need to, not if they can’t even remember meeting you in the first place.

Therefore, a distinct business card design definitely helps. At least, make the card speaks for your real estate brand in a positive way, which can be a good start.

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