BOÉ Condominium Business Card

BOÉ business card

DeLeon Creative designed these business cards for BOÉ, a luxury residential condominium.

The brand name, BOÉ, comes from a small French commune that evokes a sense of community.

“The geometry in the mark was inspired by architectural elements. The colours and overall branding brings a prestige and warmth feel,” said Annie De Leon, the Founder of DeLeon Creative.

Boe logo
Explaining more about the catchy pattern design on the back of the card, she continued, “The floral and clean geometry is meant to elevate the brand to a premium level. And yes, it also hints the design of the lobby of having an ‘outdoors’ feeling and being very plant-centric.”

These business cards were printed by MOO.

BOÉ business cardBOÉ stationeryBOE stationery2

Designed by DeLeon Creative

Printed by MOO


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