Submit Your Design

Design submissions are FREE on our site. We welcome graphic designers, printers, and even small businesses to submit their creative designs for review.

Once your design is chosen, we will contact you via email. However, please make sure that you have completed all the necessary design information below before submitting your design(s).

You can email us your design images in high resolution, complete with the following design details:

  1. Your name / designer’s name & website (URL)
  2. Your client’s name & nature of business
  3. The inspirations behind the logo, typography, illustration and colour palette (as detailed as possible).

If your design is for a business card, also include:

  1. Which printing company printed these business cards?
  2. What are the techniques used when printing the cards? Please describe your textured/tactile business cards (if applicable).

Kindly make sure to include both pictures and complete answers for the questions above before submitting your design to us. Incomplete submissions will be ignored.

Don’t forget to read our FAQs on how to increase your chance to get featured.