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CardDsgn has been a fantastic platform for making my clients happy! When they see their business cards featured, they feel honoured and proud to be included in a blog with such high-quality work. They always share this in their feed and write me nice comments about it. So, thank you CardDsgn!

~ Arutza Rico Onzaga, Founder of Arutza Studio

Graphic Designer

CardDsgn has been such a good platform to showcase my work and get inspired by many other creative projects and businesses. Thank you very much to the team for the support of many designers’!

~ Bárbara Farías from Banana Chocolate

Graphic Designer

Carddsgn is a platform with an amazing content! They are constantly publishing relevant and differentiated projects in the graphic design field. The curation is impeccable and the professional email contact is very efficient and friendly. I am immensely grateful for all the support Carddsgn offers to our design community and I can say that it is one of my favorite places to get daily inspiration.

~ Nicole Gröff, Founder of Nicole Gröff Design

Graphic Designer

I absolutely love and support this idea of featuring small businesses and artists that get to share their stories and ideas with other people in the community! I’ve been so grateful to CardDsgn and for sharing three of my works on their website and instagram account! It means so much to have the support and someone giving you a chance to explain your process, ideas and projects. It’s a very noble act, and I am happy I came across them. Thank you for supporting us designers, and for always being so kind. I hope we will continue to collaborate and I wish you all the success in the world!

~ Eva at Logobyeva

Graphic Designer

CardDsgn is without a doubt one of the most reliable platforms curating the finest branding and business card designs and providing creative practitioners across the world a spotlight. As a user, their promptness is something I really appreciate, they are always quick to respond and help with any queries. They also make sure to ask relevant questions to provide their reader with insightful articles. However, their attention to detail and eye for good design is what makes them really stand out.

~ Sakshi Jalan, Founder of Studio Fable

Graphic Designer & Art Director

CardDsgn is the perfect melting pot of business card inspiration from all over! As a designer, I’m constantly scrolling their directory to find quality designs of all kinds, and it always feeds into my creativity levels. And when I find one that catches my eye, I love that they include additional design photos from the project AND explanations from the designer. It’s so helpful!

~ Karlie Svebakken

Brand & Web Designer

CardDsgn has been a great place to show my work and help promote my freelance business. My clients are always excited when they see their business cards on their page! It’s also a great resource to browse others’ projects too.

~ Zoë Boudreau at Boudreau Designs

Designer & Art Director

CardDsgn is one of the websites we gravitate to for inspiration, for visibility, and just to look at really cool design. We’ve been fortunate enough to have three of our projects (including our own Studio’s business cards) featured on the page and it has been a smooth-sailing process every time. We think of design as an ecosystem and CardDsgn is one of the best in ensuring that this ecosystem remains symbiotic, collaborative, and inclusive.

~ Studio Ping Pong

Design Studio

Thanks again CardDsgn for supporting us creatives to spread good designs into the world 🙂

~ Katrin Isabel Lichter at Studiokil

Creative Director

100% business cards are NOT dying. Check CardDsgn out if you haven’t yet. Great inspo page!

~ Lucas da Silva at Lucas da Silva Design

Graphic Designer

We are very happy to have our work Donna Ju on CardDsgn. We hope that everyone also enjoys this project as much as we do. Thank you very much, CardDsgn! You are amazing!

~ Atry Design Studio

Graphic Designer

What an amazing opportunity (to be featured)! When I created the branding for DABOS (logo and the full language based on it), I couldn’t imagine it would be published here, thank you CardDsgn!

~ Mor Peled at Mor Peled Design

Graphic Designer

CardDsgn – one of the finest platforms that showcase business cards from all over the world shared our work for Eye of The Tiger. Thank you for featuring us! 🙌🏼🤩

~ 9133 Design Studio

9133 Design Studio

I really appreciate the way you guys work. In the era of digital products, UI/UX, data, apps, websites and such, there aren’t many people focused exclusively on print and paper, especially business cards or stationery. So, thank you for that, CardDsgn!

~ Aleksandar Ercegovac at Bold127

Graphic Designer

CardDsgn is one of the most inspirational platforms I’ve come across on my design journey. I was honored when the team reached out to me in order to feature my personal brand in their portfolio as I’ve been an avid supporter for years. The impact they have on designers by promoting their work is unparalleled. I’m beyond grateful for the stellar platform as well as the incredibly awesome team members I’ve had the opportunity to interact with along the way.

~ Alex W. at Curly Cue Design Studio

Brand Designer & Strategist