PerSe Real Estate Business Card

PerSe business cards

Elias Mule designed these business cards for PerSe, a real estate company in Guadalajara, Mexico.

“The inspiration behind the logo lies in the approach of the project, being a business model with two targets: the investor – mature person with high purchasing power; and the renter – young people interested in renting a luxurious apartment in the key points of the city,” Elias said.

PerSe logoPerSe stationery
“The font used is Le Jeune Poster Stencil – Regular and Italic. The mix of these two styles reflect the personality of both targets.”

“As for the colour palette, it denotes a sober and elegant appearance, mostly light tones that give a clean atmosphere to the stationery applications.”

The client handled the card-printing themselves. However, when it comes to printing, Elias suggested, “The cards should be printed on 700gr white cotton paper with black and silver raised foil.”

A clean, simple business card design that shows less is, indeed, more!

PerSe business cardPerSe brand collateralPerSe sign

Designed by Elias Mule

For PerSe

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