Sam Zaragoza Real Estate Business Card

Sam Zaragoza Real Estate Business Card

Miki Grujic designed these business cards for Sam Zaragoza, a real estate broker.

“Sam has a really strong personality. He wanted something simple but modern so we decided to go with good old black/white combination,” Miki said.

“For inspiration, I use Pinterest and search for other card designs, patterns, and (sometimes) even tattoos.”

The design is bold and timeless with a catchy logo (formed by the monogram of Sam Zaragoza) on one side while the contact details on the other.

Miki explained, “For the design process: first, we finished the logo; after choosing colors for the logo, creating the cards was easy.”

“On the front, we decided to use strong black color with white logo to give an elegant look to it; on the other side, we used black text on white background.”

“Then, we added zoomed logo in light grey as the final touch.”

Sometimes less is more and with a minimalist design like this, it’s effective in exuding confidence without losing the edginess and sophisticated look.


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Designed by Miki Grujic

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For Sam Zaragoza

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