Monumentum Real Estate Business Card

Monumentum business cards

Marcin Usarek designed these business cards for Monumentum, a real estate developer.

The card design is stunning, with the focus being laid upon the logo, which can be seen on both sides of the business card. According to Marcin, the inspirations behind the logo design including architecture, perspective and the letter M (symbolizes the brand name, Monumentum).

The diagonal lines and edges of the logo give a dynamic feel whereas the colour palette is perfect to express an elegant, modern vibe. The space arrangement is absolutely clever to give depth while leaving a lasting impression to those who’ve seen the card.

Having a vertical layout, Monumentum’s card is able to accommodate the logo and contact info in an orderly manner, without losing its wow factor!

These business cards were printed double-sided on dark blue 700g/m2 paper stock via hot stamping with silver foil.

MONUMENTUM business card 3Monumentum business cards

Designed by Marcin Usarek (Usarek Studio)

For Monumentum

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