Habitat Real Estate Business Card

habitat business card

Stef Hamerlinck designed these business cards for Habitat, a real estate firm that wants to do things differently.

“As a young and innovative team, they are striving to deliver a better, more honest service in the real estate business. After creating a brand strategy, we developed a visual identity that supported that vision. We wanted something solid, yet warm and human. We used a logo system with a compound shape that reminds us of a house. We looked for a vibrant color that could easily be seen in the street, without it feeling to ’sales-y’. We finally found a warm orange tint that could be repeated in Pantone colors and digitally,” Stef said.

These business cards were printed by Plek and Pedaal. “We wanted a natural feeling so we chose quality paper, Macho Georges 800gr. To deliver the ‘warm’ and ‘vibrant’ touch, we used the main identity color in a Pantone colour on the sides of the card. There are 2 versions: one for big events (a bit thinner and more cost-effective) and the 800gr card for more personal sales.”

“For the printwork, we always work with a ‘cut-out’ shape that repeats the logo shape, this creates a recognizable and unique touch to the whole brand,” Stef added.

Designed by Stef Hamerlinck for Ollie

Printed by Plek and Pedaal

For Habitat real estate

Business Card Printing
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