Maison de Lumiére Real Estate Business Card

Maison de Lumiére business cards

Ayisha designed these business cards for Maison de Lumiére, a French real estate broker.

“From the brand name, Lumiére means light and Maison translates to home. So, the colour palette, font and overall look came from the brand name itself,” Ayisha said.

The business card design is classy and elegant, thanks to the well-chosen typography – customized font of Kudryashev Headline Sans Web.

Maison de Lumiére packaging

The logotype is specially designed: if you look closely, you’ll notice there’s a slight curve for the letter ‘N’ and ‘L’, to create a circular shape in the middle of the entire logo.

This is to showcase the sun (a submark of the brand), which Ayisha incorporated to represent the idea of the brand (home of light/light house).

Although the overall design is minimal, but vibrant colours were used to capture the prospect’s attention. The elegant packaging was applied to coffee cups, coasters and candles.

“Bright hues were used to add a pop of colour to a clean, modern layout, just like the design of the houses that the broker deals with.”

The business card printing was handled by the client in France. Even so, Ayisha did share with us the printing outcome.

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“They were printed on a 200gsm paper board. A matte finish with debossing on the text was made on the cards,” she said.


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Designed by Ayisha

For Maison de Lumiére

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