Doomko Real Estate Business Card

DOOMKO realtor business card

Nevena Katalina designed these business cards for Doomko, a real estate company.

Doomko wanted a simple and clean logo design, therefore the whole concept and promo materials were done in the same direction, so are these real estate business cards.

When asked about the inspiration behind the design, Nevena replied, “I took inspiration from every day walking the street and seeing various buildings and houses.”

“The client said yes after we agreed on the logo, so everything was pretty much nicely done and both sides were satisfied: me with the whole concept and product, while the client on the other hand with the final look of the project.”


Smiley House Logo Design

According to Nevena, the logo itself represents vector character illustration based on minimal shapes.

“The character on the card is like a small real estate agent, so he was incorporated into the logo typography.”


“By finishing the logo, I knew exactly how the business card would look like.”

With a catchy logo as Doomko’s, you don’t need over-the-top typography to mess up the clean design.


The Printing of Business Cards

On the business card, the contact details are properly aligned on the left while the graphical elements are on the right.

According to Nevena, her client printed these business cards at a local print shop using simple white 300gr matte paper, as the client wanted it to be as simple as it is.

The entire card design is minimal and aesthetic, along with clean lines and bright colours – a great way to exude confidence and style when meeting with potential clients!

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Doomko realtor_bag

Designed by Nevena Katalina

For Doomko

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