Avemobilis Real Estate Business Card

Avemobilis business cards

Arutza Rico designed these business cards for Avemobilis, a real estate company focused in the most vibrant zones in Bogotá.

Avemovilis is a new real estate agency led by two young French people who want to revolutionize the real estate market in Colombia and Latin America.

Avemobilis portraits


Avemobilis logos

“My communication approach for this brand was based on the idea that when people buy their house or apartment, they bring out the ‘investor’ side of their personality,” Arutza said.

“That is why I proposed the slogan ‘VIVE RICO’ (life wealthy/nice) that mixes two important concepts for those who want to acquire real estate: the fact of having a home and that of having an investment at the same time.”

Avemobilis_business cards

Avemobilis business card1

Avemovilis’s visual identity, including the logo and the graphics were a mixture of elements that have been used in real estate from different times – the Middle Ages to the 18th century. On the front of the card, the brand founders’ self-portraits are a nice touch for that memorable impression!

Several tweaks were made to the logo before it was finalized, especially on the eagle. The brand was hoping to achieve a stronger and more beautiful image. Also, to make the logo stand out from the existing ones you can find on Google. According to Arutza, the end result is a satisfactory one and getting good feedbacks from both clients and their target audience.

Avemobilis logo
These business cards were printed in two colours on heavy off-white 100% cotton paper by Líneas Digitales.

“On the back of the card, we made a handmade screenprint UV for the ornament within the icon in order to enhance the appearance of the card,” Arutza said.

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Avemobilis logoAvemobilis business cards2

Avemobilis board

Designed by Arutza Rico at Arutza Studio

Printed by Líneas Digitales

For Avemobilis

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