Anthos Real Estate Business Card

Anthos business card

Diana Coe designed these business cards for Anthos, a condominium administrator that aims to reframe the concept of management, through the vision of living systems, empathy and sustainability.

“This is an Emotional Branding Project and Humanized Brand for a condominium manager. The concept, naming, visual identity and strategy were designed through the Design Thinking methodology and the concepts of Emotional and Positive Design, also using Biomimetics,” Diana said.

Anthos logo


Design Process & Inspirations

According to Diana, the project starts with the client’s empathy map, for a deep immersion in his needs, dreams, fears, pains, thoughts, visions, etc. The phrase ‘condominiums are like living systems’ stood out. The construction and deconstruction of the design challenge and the (mis)understanding of the whole project was done first.

“I tried to understand what it means to be a living system. My research and fascination with biomimetics led me to the undersea, the heteromorphic and isomorphic colonies of the cnidarian phylum.”

“Then, I arrived at the Anthozoans and the huge coral reefs that harbor to a diverse and lively ecosystem (while also being a living ecosystem) where all parts need to be working for the whole to work.”


The Inspiration Behind the Name

The brand name ‘Anthos’ comes from the word, Anthozoa, the symbol makes tangible the huge corals and all their functioning and everything that it represents for our world.

“A condominium is made up of people (both residents and employees) where each one is unique and all of them have an essential role for the proper functioning of the condominium and the overall well-being.”

“Just like the reproduction of corals, the brand can multiply this ideology of general welfare and leave a legacy to the world. This can always been passed on and is always helping people to feel more at home and more peaceful,” Diana explained.

Typography & Business Cards

Anthos logotype


The typography used in the logotype is Baskerville Display PT, by typographer Dmitry Kirsanov.

The business cards are yet to be printed but if they were, here’s what Diana envisioned them to be, “The cards would be printed using sustainable water-based ink on old bamboo handmade paper and shavings, 300g.”

“It is an ecological handmade paper for reuse, from a small Brazilian producer. Its texture is rougher, noisy, giving a sensory, modern and professional finish.”

Anthos business_cardAnthos stationeryAnthos branding

Designed by Diana Coe at Human Brands

For Anthos – Consulting and Condominiums Management

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Diana Coe
1 year ago

Thank you so much, guys!