The Seyfi Group Business Card

Seyfi Group business card1

Vasili Bosnjakovic designed these business cards for Seyfi Group with Mohammed Seyfi as the company’s CEO.

Established in the 1980 in Dubai, The Seyfi Group has been involved in retail and distribution since then. The company strives to provide diverse range of quality products and services – including stock markets, automotive industry, real estate market and investments – to the highest standards possible across selected markets and countries.


“The client wanted a logo and business card design package and specified that the look and feel should be luxurious and sophisticated. I believe that its design style and color palette truly represents the company as a trustworthy modern company, and fully brings the client’s vision to life.” Vasili said.

These business cards were printed in Dubai. According to Vasili, he instructed the client to use quality and thick paper, as well as doing test prints with several printing companies before printing them in a large volume. “I am pretty sure cotton paper is used here with matte finish,” Vasili added.

Designed by Vasili Bosnjakovic at Visual Curve

For The Seyfi Group

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