25 unique business card ideas that will blow your mind

25 Unique Business Card Ideas That Will Blow Your Mind

Generic business cards get the things done – it gives people contact information and briefly what the business is about. Unique business cards, however, are able to offer a different kind of perspective: it leaves a lasting impression, showing that the business owner is capable to creativity and think outside-of-the-box. Best of all, prospects will keep the unique business cards for good, ‘cause they are hard to come by.

We’ve compiled some of the most unique business cards that we’ve featured over the years. We must admit, some of these are still very fresh in our mind! Without further ado, here they are:

Cleo Tarot Business Card

Cleo business card

Designed by Lucy Jennings, these business cards are inspired from Tarot cards and they absolutely stunning! This is particularly useful if you have more than one expertise and would like your prospects to remember the one that’s most relevant to their request. You can even let them choose the design they like!

DESQUARTIERS Paris Map Business Card

DESQUARTIERS business cards1

Designed by Feldman Studio, these business cards have a variety of back designs. When combine them all together, you’ll get a map of Paris! Sure, you can even do so for your own city, if your profession or agency is associated with real estate or anything that requires pinpointing a location accurately. Pretty smart!

DJ Alex Vinyl-Shaped Business Card

Obviously, who ever receive this vinyl-shaped business card will remember which DJ they’d call if they’re going to have a corporate party. Designed by Alevtina Grinmiris for a DJ who provides music for corporate parties.

Croatian Phonographic Association Vinyl Record Business Card

Croatian Phonographic Association business card

Designed by Ivan Dilberovic, these vinyl business cards are recycled from old, unused vinyl records. Not only they look unique (since none of the cards look the same), they even sound differently too! Yes, the cards are still playable. A perfect representation for the organization indeed!

Kocha Studio Word Puzzle Business Card


As a Sydney-based design studio, Kocha is hoping to make an impression with the idea of word-finding puzzle. Upon receiving the card, the prospects can try to find the hidden messages within the puzzle. This is a smart way to get people interested with Kocha’s service and have a two-way communication, even if it’s just to find out all the answers for the puzzle.

Collagecanto Paper-Cutting Business Card

Collagecanto business card2

This is an exceptional business card design! Designed by Collagecanto for her paper-cutting business, this design not only shows her expertise clearly, but also gives a WOW factor for people who are receiving her business cards. Pick one from the stack, and it will probably be kept for a very long time. I mean, just look at the unique cutting – you don’t get to see that every day!

Risha Kariwal Laser-Cut Business Card

Risha Kariwal business cards2

One of the most mind-blowing business cards that we’ve featured! It is simplicity in the most intricate laser cut-out design for sure. Stunning work by Smriti Kariwal for an interior designer.

Tuyệt Duyệt Studio Vintage Ornament Gold-Foil Business Card


Would you go for something luxurious for your personal branding? That’s what Tuyệt Duyệt did with his business card – using vintage ornament design and gold foil stamping – he was able to showcase his expertise in illustration brilliantly and beautifully!

Miminoo Pompoms Business Card

Miminoo business cards

Placing your ‘best-seller’ on your business card is pure genius! Designed by Melanie Dages, these adorable business cards are made for a Montréal-based kids clothing & accessories brand. To mimic the brand’s best-seller (the double pompom hat), Melanie used a double pompoms hairband on the card and this is also a welcoming gift for the customers. What a lovely idea!

Stillmotion Die-Cut Business Card

Stillmotion business card

Designed by Eric Kass for a wedding photography and film studio, these beautiful business cards are impressive to look at with its custom die-cut shape of asterisk. The script typography complements the overall design, making the business card a stylish and memorable one!

Yuka Suzuki Colourful Hairpins Business Card

A customizable business card is always a welcoming idea! Designed by KUDOS for a hair and make-up artist, these colourful hairpins are not only a gift to the client, but a beautiful representation of the client’s new hairstyle as well.

The Gold Paperclip Business Card

The Gold Paperclip business cards

To make sure her business cards are memorable, Katherine Weis added gold paperclips to the cards. So whenever the client is using the paper clip, they’ll remember her brand as well – an online stationery boutique for personalized stationery.

Extra Narrative Tear Strip Business Card

NOMAD Design tear strip

Not only the business card catches people’s eye of its illustrations, but also the functional tear strip that reveals a coupon code once you found it! Designed by Extra Narrative for their Shanghai-based multidisciplinary design studio.

Lil’ Haven Pop-Up Business Card

Lil Haven_business card

The pop-up idea is a unique and popular one when it comes to making your business cards stand out from the crowd. Designed by Patricia Roxas Chua for a high-quality DIY woodcrafts projects provider, these cards are made into the shape of a pop-up house to express the brand’s DIY and creative aspects.

Jorge Alvarez Pop-Up Business Card

Jorge Alvarez business card23

Here’s another clever pop-up business card idea made by Jorge Alvarez for his personal branding as a graphic designer and illustrator. Just imagine the surprise when someone opens the card! It’s a friendly and extraordinary way to showcase himself as the go-to person whenever someone needs his service.

OMA House-Shaped Business Card

OMA business cards

Designed by Mariela Mezquita for a housing project, these business cards are made into the shape of a housing unit, waiting to be owned. The business card holder is equally interesting with its function as a postcard for the brand. Super clever!

By Electra (Just in Case) Candies Business Card

Just in case business card1

A personal 3D illustration and art direction project by Adriana that’s super striking and memorable. Adriana experimented with tools like 3D illustration and photography; bringing these systems to new visual languages. Her business card design is simple yet creative, with edible candies inside the card! A delightful surprise.

Slav Design Studio Cut-Out Business Card

Slav Design Studio business card_1

As someone who works with paper art, Leah is incorporating creativity into her business cards as well, by making them three-dimensional via cut-out before gluing the cards together. The end result looks amazing and colourful!

Next House Invest Tactile Business Card

Next house invest business card

Designed by Dmytro Khrunevych for a real estate investing business, the idea of ‘comfort’ is cleverly presented using two types of materials – paper and velvet. It’s particularly interesting to create coziness through the business card as the material is tactile enough to create an impression. Something we don’t see every day.

Lucas Haeser Tazos-Inspired Business Card

Lucas_Haeser businesscard

For a toy designer, it’s only fair to create a business card design that speaks of your brand in a fun and spectacular way. That’s exactly what Lucas Haeser did, by making a lasting impression with his Tazos-inspired business card design. A great ice-breaker, for sure!

Danir Ivanovich Vintage Ticket Business Card

danir ivanovich business cards

Transforming own business card into something vintage yet with wonder and magic – yes, it’s purposely designed to mimic a magic show ticket! A brilliant idea by Danir Ivanovich for his self-branding as a graphic designer and illustrator. So much details, uniqueness and creativity – you will no doubt remember the card owner if been handed one of these cards!

Marco Inve Optic Illusion Business Card

Marco Inve business cards

Optic illusion is a wonderful way to get noticed, if been done right. Marco Inve’s business card is so creative and extraordinary that it will no doubt get a second… maybe third or even more glances so that someone can be sure that he or she is free from dizziness. A think-out-of-the-box kind of idea to stay memorable!

Third Wheel Photo Minimalist Business Card

third wheel business card

This is a perfect business card idea to stay minimal yet effective at the same time! Designed by Bill Caywood for a photography agency, what seems to be just a simple email address actually shares more contact info about the card owner. Of course, this will be a lot easier if you manage to scoop the exact same handle/username across the social networks. Worth the try!

Clevyr Augmented Reality (AR) Business Card

clevyr business cards

Designed by Clevyr, this is an augmented reality business card that’s not only pleasing to look at, but a game changer if you wish to stand out from the competitors. It’s futuristic and most of all, can get the discussions going with your prospects easily and effectively.

W Durable Goods Matchbook Business Card

W Durable Goods1

Sometimes when a physical business card is not really a priority for a brand, another way is to incorporate it with a popular item in your shop instead. Designed by Jon Chapman for a handmade leather-goods shop in Fort Worth, these matchbooks are actually combination of matches and business card. Effective and useful!

Awesome right? So much creativity in these outstanding business cards and we really hope you’re inspired, and are all set to create one for your very own.

If you wish to see more eye-catching business cards, don’t forget to check out these unique-shaped business cards as well!

Feel free to visit our Business Card Categories section to find other business card designs. 

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