Lucas Haeser Toy Designer Business Card

Lucas_Haeser businesscard

Lucas Haeser designed these business cards for his self-branding as a toy designer based in Brazil.

The card design was inspired by Tazos, round circular disks that were quite popular from the 90s.

“Since I’m a toy designer, it’s only logical that I’d turn my business card into a flying toy. I created everything from the exclusive die cut to the graphic elements,” Lucas said.

Lucas_Haeser businesscard


“The colour palette used in the visual identity represents fun, which I believe is an essential part of the design process.”

Lucas’s point of view is further emphasized through the varnish finish of the phrase ‘DESIGN IS FUN’ on the front of his business card.

Lucas Haeser cards

These business cards were printed by a local printing company in Brazil, which then adapted by Lucas with a homemade die cut process.

“When it comes to paper-selection, it was important to find the right thickness and the matte feel to get the necessary friction for the flying design to work. I managed to develop the exclusive die cut shape to serve as a launcher while the disc to detach like a ‘punch out’, but it required a lot of trial and error,” Lucas said.

An illustration is printed on the back of each card as a visual explanation of how to get the card to ‘fly’!

Lucas Haeser flying card


The idea behind the concept was relatively simple, but the circular tear was undoubtedly the biggest challenge Lucas had to overcome.

However, all his hard work paid off in the end because according to Lucas, his unique business card works very well in meetings and ice-breaking sessions.

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A super interesting idea to get the conversation going while leaving a lasting impression on whoever he meets!


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Lucas_Haeser business cardLucas_Haeser business cardsLucas_Haeser_card

Designed by Lucas Haeser

For Lucas Haeser personal branding

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