Clevyr Augmented Reality Business Card

clevyr business card

Clevyr designed their augmented reality business cards as part of the company’s branding project.

“At Clevyr we believe strongly in beautiful design that is not only pleasing to the eyes, but also makes the application or site more accessible and intuitive,” said Seth Hartman, the UI/UX Designer of Clevyr.

“We love working with our clients to create a design that fits both their work and culture. We spend time crafting the design to be fresh and as unique as possible.”

“Isometric was a chosen style for the illustration because of the depth and dimension that it adds to the card, along with the augmented reality experience.”

Clevyr made their business cards fun and interactive by adding an AR marker to the back of the card.

When it is scanned, their prospect will get to interact in a fun way with Clevyr’s office building. Pretty neat, huh?



The Printing of Business Cards

These business cards were printed by THikit and edge printed with orange colour to give the final touch to the full experience.

“At Clevyr, we care about every detail and with these cards we wanted to show that,” Seth added.

What a unique and creative method to get Clevyr the attention it deserves!


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Designed by Clevyr Inc.

Printed by THikit

For Clevyr corporate branding

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