Risha Kariwal Interior Designer Business Card

Risha Kariwal die cut business cards1

Smriti Kariwal designed these business cards for her sister, Risha Kariwal, an interior designer.

“Paula Scher said, ‘Great design is serious, not solemn, and few times in your career you will get to do serious design“. This project was a step closer towards serious design,” Smriti said.

“The client, i.e. my sister is an interior designer. The design is mostly dedicated by the confinement of the brief. Here the brief was to depict the nature of the work.”

“An interior designer looks at the world in minute details taking into account every nook and corner, finding simplicity in intricacy. This became the basis of the design.”

When it comes to card-printing, Smriti said, “The card was not assembled at one single place, rather it was taken to individual artists for each step.”

These impressive business cards were printed on black plike 200 gsm Sona Signature papers-Cordenons. The cards were laser-cut before went through screen-printing.


“The challenge was to make sure that there are not burnt marks on paper, hence each line was placed at precise 2mm distance from the other,” Smriti added.

This is a mindblowing, intricate cut-out design that shows sophistication and uniqueness. No doubt it will leave that lasting impression on everyone who’ve seen it!

risha kariwal business card

Designed by Smriti Kariwal

For Risha Kariwal

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