NOMAD Design Business Card

NOMAD Design business cards

Extra Narrative made these business cards for Nomad Design Studio, a multidisciplinary design studio based in Shanghai, China.

“We designed these business cards for our own studio. We tried to make it functional as well as interesting and fun,” said Felix, the co-founder of Extra Narrative (formerly known as Nomad Design Studio).

NOMAD Design logoNOMAD Design tear strip2NOMAD Design tear strip

The typography used in the project including Messenger font and Din font (for English); Source Han Sans for Chinese. The illustration on the back of the card was inspired by the founders of the studio, Felix and Anna. And that’s not all.

“The card has a hidden feature which is user interaction needed: people who found the tear strip can tear it off and they will find a 10% discount coupon!” Felix said.

These rounded corners business cards were printed via 4-colour printing and tear strip by QL-ART.

NOMAD Design illustrationNOMAD Design card_frontNOMAD Design business cardNOMAD Design card_back NOMAD Design businesscard

Designed by Extra Narrative

Printed by QL-ART

For NOMAD Design corporate branding

Business Card Printing
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