Third Wheel Photography Business Card

third wheel business card

Bill Caywood designed these business cards for Third Wheel Photo, a unique photography agency that works with a variety of clients.

“I wanted the logo design to look professional, fun, and a little non-perfect. The O* in the center of the design is the brand’s main mark which creates a super minimal camera-click. The hands in the logo also create a subtle TW (third wheel) while ‘framing the shot’ around the brand mark,” Bill said.


The overall design is minimal and clever. For instance, the email address seems like the only contact info on the front side of the card, but look closely – one can easily identify the brand’s Instagram account and website address. A huge advantage of using the same social media handle for brand recognition while keeping the design clean and simple.

These business cards were printed by MOO using oversized paper with a soft-touch finish. According to Bill, “The front logo uses a clear Spot UV to make the logo stand out a little. On the back of the card we wanted to provide as much info as possible in a fresh way.” They sure did!

Designed by Bill Caywood

Printed by MOO

For Third Wheel Photo

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