Slav Design Studio Business Card

Slav Design Studio business card

Slav Design Studio designed these business cards for the personal branding of Leah Slava, the founder of this Dominican Republic-based studio that mostly works with paper.

“From small objects to big sets, from flat to 3D. As a studio, we want to slow things down, give people the opportunity to engage their senses, to touch, to hear, to see,” Leah said.

“We want to create an environment through various mediums that allow people to truly visualize the message that we are trying to portray. Not for the here and now. Not for an instant. We feel that by allowing individuals the opportunity to submerge themselves in the message, the message will have a longer, more meaningful impact.”

Slav Design Studio business card_5


Logo Design & Typography

When asked about the inspiration behind the logo design, she replied, “When designing the logo, I wanted to capture the essence of the studio. Create a piece that is delicate and at the same time three-dimensional which represents the work we do with paper.”

“The typeface DIN was used for the logo because it’s easy to read at a distance and this added to the fact that we work in different scales, so no matter how small we use it, it will still be visible.”

Slav Design Studio business card_1

To create these unique and striking business cards, several criteria were taken into consideration:

  • Material (used in most of Slav Design Studio’s projects, which is canson paper)
  • Colour palette (bright colours/colours that reflect Slav Design Studio’s work; used in almost every project)
  • Three-dimensional
  • Cut out (reflects the craft Slav Design Studio does)

These business cards were printed in-house using Canson paper. According to Leah, each paper colour was chosen based on the colours of the brand.

“Each colour/layer has a cut-out which was cut using a Cricut and then glued by hand to create the desired three-dimensional effect,” Leah added.

Slav Design Studio business cardSlav Design Studio business card_2

Slav Design Studio business card_4Slav Design Studio business card_6

Designed & Printed by Slav Design Studio

For Slav Design Studio (personal branding)

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