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The Cool Clinic Business Card: Old School Yet Revolutionary

Emily Day designed these business cards for The Cool Clinic, a naturopathic and chiropractic clinic in Fort Collins, Colorado.

Dr. Cool, also known as Dr. Jo Nell Shaw, is specialist in naturopathic medicine and chiropractic.

Her mission is to enhance women’s well-being through the establishment of a family clinic and a programme specifically for hormonal health. Specialising in paediatrics and pregnancy, she ensures comprehensive care for both mothers and children.

Emily Day claimed that Dr. Cool brought a lot of original ideas, which made this a distinct and cool rebranding project.


Brand Image

The design goal was to infuse the clinic with an unconventional blend of old-school charm and rebellious spirit, creating an authentic identity.

Dr. Cool’s vision drew inspiration from an unexpected fusion – imagine an old-school apothecary colliding with the adventurous vibes of a biker bar!

This unique style combination promises an experience that can be both caring and fun for The Cool Clinic.

The Cool Clinic logos


Logo Design

At the heart of this rebrand lies a custom logo that encapsulates the very spirit of the clinic, something that’s authentically natural and stands out from other medical experts.

The badger was chosen because it represents the spirit animal for many female healers. It also has roots in medicinal plants, which is perfect for the focus of this rebrand.

Not only that, badgers also symbolise persistence, determination, and endurance. Other graphic elements, such as thistles used in the background, represent wild beauty and hardiness.

These emblematic choices inject the brand with a distinctive and memorable identity.


Typography & Colours

The typography is carefully chosen to express the bold and charismatic nature of The Cool Clinic.

The brand words “cool,” “adventurous,” and “outspoken” demand a typographic treatment that mirrors these qualities, creating a visual language that speaks volumes.

Different typefaces were used to spell out the brand name, and with a retro vibe and emphasis on the word “COOL,” it summarises the overall concept perfectly!

The colours – black, beige, and green – are used to create a nice contrast across different card versions, evoking visual interest and reflecting the rebellious and adventurous spirit.

Another clever touch is the vertical layout for the contact info side that further sets it apart from regular cards.

For Dr. Cool and Emily Day, working together was the key to creating a one-of-a-kind business card design, and this is how a brand can demonstrate the possibility of health and style coexisting in perfect harmony.


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Designed by Emily Day

For The Cool Clinic

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