Kocha Design Studio Business Card

Kocha Studio designed these business cards for their corporate branding as a UX & UI Design Studio in Sydney.

“This business card design is an internal project. We aim to create the dynamic to reflect our studio’s core value: anthropology, balance and creativity,” said Kocha Worapon, the founder of the studio. “This is quite a corporate/commercial work, we need to design in such a way that’s easy to replicate on an ongoing basis.”


“As a design studio, we’re in the business of creating value for other people. We craft our business card to tell people that we’re listening to them. We leave every touch base with a unique hand drawn key messages that will benefit them the most (our services). Fun fact — Some of our awesome clients even try to find all the hidden messages and send it back to us, which makes our day!”

These business cards were printed on MOO’s fanciest paper – Luxe Business Cards 600gsm; added by red painted edges for the perfect final touch! “We’ve tried printing on a cotton 100% recycled paper before but it did not quite reflect our brand value.” Kocha added.

Designed by Kocha Studio

Printed by MOO

For Kocha Studio corporate branding

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