25+ Business Cards for Makeup Artist, Nail Brow & Hair Stylist

25+ Creative Business Card Designs for Makeup Artist, Nail/Brow & Hair Stylist

Over the years, we have featured quite a number of self-care business cards consisting of makeup artist, nail/brow salon and hair stylist. If you’re currently looking for business card ideas for you or your client’s new self-card business, you’re in for a treat ’cause we’ve compiled more than 25 stunning business cards, just for your viewing pleasure!

To find out more about each design, just click at it and you’ll be directed to its individual post for design & printing details (with more pictures too), shared exclusively by the designer.

Makeup Artist Business Cards

As a makeup artist, it really helps if you have an eye-catching and memorable business card for your client. Here at CardDsgn.com, we have some unique ones for your reference:

Ziellagra Art & Makeup

Ziellagra business card

Designed by Mateus Yuzo for a Santa Catarina-based makeup artist, this is a minimal yet super striking business card design! Mateus uses creative typography and text arrangement, not to mention, the blur effect is a nice touch to the overall design as well. Read more about this edgy design here.

Vivienne Rao Make Up

Vivienne business cards

Designed by Rita Yuhan Liu for a L.A.-based makeup artist named Vivienne Rao. Rita made these cards look contemporary and artistic! It shows the card owner’s passion in her profession while leaving a lasting impression to her clients. Find out how Rita was inspired to create this modern business card design here.

Mercedes Tarnocay Makeup

Mercedes Tarnocay business card2

This is an elegant business card design by Barbara Magyarosy for Mercedes Tarnocay. By using black-gold combination, it stands out from the regular ones in the industry. The lettering is amazingly crafted to express femininity. More design details here.

Rachael Maher Makeup Artistry

rachael maher business card

This is a go-to pick if you’re into lighter colours yet with a bit of elegance in the midst! Designed for a Brisbane-based makeup artist, Borne did a fabulous job by adding copper foil to an elegant card stock that conveys the card owner’s premium service. Find out all the details here.

Helena Feofanov Beauty Blogger & Make-up Artist

Helena’s business card is super catchy yet with a personal touch – by adding a self-portrait illustration as the logomark. Who wouldn’t be impressed by its clarity and simplicity, yet with a trendy vibe? Beautiful work by PauPau Design. More details here.

Sarahid López Makeup Artist

Sarahid López makeup artist business card

This is one of our earlier showcases and we’re still loving it today! Designed by Andrea Macías, this holographic business card is absolutely stunning to look at. Recommended for anyone who’s into artistic lettering and beautiful gradient. More pictures here.


Nail/Brow Salon Business Cards

How do you stand out from the competitors for your nail/brow business? Fret not, we’ve got that covered! Keep scrolling to find out:


Primerose Nail Salon

Pink with hand+floral illustrations – need I say more? A perfect business card design for a Quebec-based nail salon designed by Maude Bussières. The overall design delivers a joyous, positive vibe, offering client that relaxed experience she longed for! Check out more details here.

The Nail Box Nail Salon

The Nail Box Business Cards

An edgy business card design that’ll make you look twice! Designed by Laura Couture, the card design uses geometric shapes and adorable illustrations to send the message across. It’s a striking business card for an Ontario-based nail salon. Find out Laura’s printing suggestions on how to make the cards even more luxurious here.

Manigarden Manicure

Manigarden business card

Gold and green combination has an attractive appeal, especially when you’re hoping to keep the design simple while expressing sophistication. Beautiful design by Danka Bandzarewicz for a manicure and pedicure salon. Check out more details here.



Faces By Simone Brow Specialist

Faces By Simone Business Cards_

Designed by Lauren Pearson for a Canada-based brow artist. The most unique element is none other than the continuous line-drawing of an abstract illustration that delivers a feminine vibe. Not to mention, the lettering typography is a perfect match to the logo as well! Be sure to find out more details here.

Arch & Curl Beauty Brow Bar

Arch & Curl Beauty business card

Keeping it simple and timeless, with an elegant typographic logo! Designed by Leila for a lash and brow bar in Arizona, this business card design has a curling effect on selected letters that exudes grace and style! We absolutely love the natural vibe of it, don’t you? Check out the details here.

Aesthetics AK Micropigmentation Service

Using palm leaf illustration for a brow-related business is a genius approach! This stylish business card design was created by Grebis Design for a micropigmentation and permanent makeup/microblading service. Love the natural vibe and yet, not losing its sophistication with black/gold combination. More design and printing details here.

Glam by Karina Brow Bar

Glam By Karina business cards

Designed by MIFA Media for a New Jersey-based lash and brow bar. One side horizontal while another vertical, this business card design exudes a natural and feminine vibe, thanks to an illustrative logo and smooth typeface. Don’t miss the design details here.


Hair Stylist Business Cards

Let it be a hairstylist or a professional barber, an artistic and well-designed business card could go a long way. Some of these cards are modern while some prefer a retro vibe; some are shouting for attention with a creative twist! Check out some of our favourites:

Yuka Suzuki Hair & Makeup Artist

How can you not be impressed by a customizable business card with colourful hairpins? Just imagine the clients’ face when you give them one of these that’s been customized to match their new hairstyle – they’ll be thrilled! Kudos to whoever thought of this practical and memorable idea… which in fact, designed by the team over at KUDOS. Find out more here.

Braid Bar Braiding Service

Braid Bar business card

Who wouldn’t be fascinated by this lovely holographic-style gradient business card design? Beautifully designed by Kaye Huett for a braiding service provider, this appealing design not only exudes confidence but conveys the right image to its target audience! Find out how these cards would be printed here.

Accent Brand Image Service

Accent Business Card

Designed by Velkro, what seems to be a black/white business card turns out to be a dynamic, one-of-kind design! By using colourful papers, Velkro was able to help Accent stand out from competitors while expressing their brand image effectively. It can truly make the client feel special since none of the cards look the same! Be sure to find out more about this creative design here.

Sunny Barber Shop

Sunny business cards

Designed by Ticky Lan, this striking red/white business card design impresses with its unique (and clever) illustration with a hidden scissors within, while representing the owner’s ethnicity of Japanese culture. No doubt, this stylish business card will make a killer first impression for sure! Find out more here.

Bailey’s Northampton Bridal Hair Stylist

Bailey’s Northampton business cards

Vertical business cards don’t come by very often, but when they do, they’re bound to make a memorable impression! Same goes with Ellie Barker’s amazing business card design for a business specializing in extension training and bridal hair. It captures the brand’s simple yet luxurious image, through the use of floral illustration and Spot UV on selected areas of the card. Don’t miss the details here.

Glam Hair Stylist

Glam business card

Sometimes all you need is a striking colour combo with a bold, clear cut logo! With a comb intact, the overall visual identity gives a powerful, professional image. Designed by Xavier Esclusa Trias for a Barcelona-based unisex hairdresser. More stunning brand pictures Glam.

Christina Peter Luxury Hairdressing Salon

Christina Peter business card

If you’re into something simple yet modern, here’s a nice pick for you – designed by Unifikat Design Studio for a Germany-based luxury hairdressing salon. By using thick paper stock and gold foil stamping, this business card design is able to deliver a luxurious feel and the impression of a quality service provider. More branding pictures and design details here.

L.A. Artistry

LeannAllen business card

Instead of using the popular black/white combination, Dominic Skeete opted for a nice gradient in the midst for his client, Leann Allen, to express a sophisticated and professional brand image that appeals to both female and male customers. Head over here to know more about the design and printing details of this stylish business card.

The Timeless Barbershop

Timeless Barbershop business card

Designed by Mike Knapek, this minimalist business card design impresses, not just because of its timeless design but the clever idea of using a razor in the logo as well. By choosing gold foiling as finish, the overall design exudes a classy vibe for this London-based barber shop. More design details here.

Alter Hair & Manicure

Designed by Kevin Lam for a beauty boutique specializing in hair and manicure treatments. This business card design uses people illustrations with different hairdo on one side while keeping the other side minimal. Each individual is added with a pinch of colour for a special reason, find out why.

An Barbair Barber Shop

A retro yet elegant business card design for a single seat barber shop by day and a small intimate whisky bar by night, designed by Stephen White. The overall design has vintage references, showcased by a retro typography and a landscape icon. More inspirations behind this business card design here.

Step Up Barber Shop

How about a playful twist by designing a business card that resembles a vintage playing card? This is exactly what Anastasios Chatzipanagos did for this Athens-based barbershop. If you examine the card closely, you’ll find that the card is using ‘Ace’ as a representation for its quality service. So much more to discover here, including how it is designed intentionally for a one-colour print.

The Color Studio Hair Salon

Color Studio business card

If you’re into vintage illustrations, you’ll be impressed by Kiki Bakowski’s business card design. Just look at those lovely drawings, truly one-of-a-kind! By taking into account the owner’s personality, Kiki was able to present both retro and hip vibe into each card, using pops of colour and more. Check out Kiki’s design story here.

Barnati Barber Shop

Barnati Barber Shop business cards

This is a rebranding for an experienced brand that’s been in the market for almost 20 years! Designed by Andreza Soares, this business card design embodied both retro and modern vibe, thanks to the clever use of orange colour and retro typography. Be sure to find out how Andreza was inspired to create a business card design that stands the test of time here.

B Salon

B Salon_black cards

Unique shape and a beehive logo – designed by Metrodesign for a Chicago-based hair salon that provides skincare service as well. The overall design is elegant and stylish, with three card variations created for different purposes. With proper printing techniques and finishes, one can be sure to never throw these cards away! Check out the design & printing details here.


Hair Products:

The Hair Bar

The Hair Bar business card

This is a stylish business card design that’s not only minimal but comes with a square layout! Professionally designed by Lustre Studio for a contemporary hair beauty company that used organic ingredients. The wavy lines are all in the right places, expressing a feminine and quality brand. Check out the design details here.

CurlSilk Hair Straightener

CurlSilk business card

Designed for a natural hair straightener brand in the US, Emir Kudic uses unique pattern and a logo with a natural element to express the brand image. The pattern design looks good on the products as well. Check out more branding pictures here.

There you have it! Over 25+ self-care business card designs for your design inspirations. We hope you like our collection and rest assured, we will continue to share more creative business cards with you in our upcoming posts. Stay tuned!

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