Mercedes Tarnocay Business Card

Mercedes Tarnocay business card2

Barbara Magyarosy designed these business cards for Mercedes Tarnocay, a makeup artist.

Speaking of her client, Barbara said, “Barbara is a young but talented makeup artist, who graduated last year. She will start her own career/business as a makeup artist this year.”

“During the design process, I asked her to show me some examples of logos and business cards which she likes. She sent me a few, especially script and feminine logos with a touch of pink. She said that during her research she found that lots of makeup artists’ logos are black on a rose gold background, so she thought she would want to switch these colours.”

Mercedes Tarnocay logo
Explaining more about the card design, Barbara continued, “I designed a mainly script logo (from Al Fresco font) and I wanted to add that feminine touch that all the examples and Mercedes herself show, so I added that little half circle ‘Make up’ (Futura font). Then, I built the business card design throughout this concept, so that’s why all the contact infos are in a half circle.”

Mercedes Tarnocay typographymakeup artist icons
These business cards are not printed yet. “If it would be printed, it should be on a 300 gr (black) paper (preferably something a little ‘rustic’) and all the elements would be letterpressed with a rose gold foil on both sides,” Barbara suggested.

Mercedes Tarnocay business card

Designed by Barbara Magyarosy

For Mercedes Tarnocay

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