The Nail Box Business Card

The Nail Box Business Cards

Laura Couture designed these business cards for The Nail Box, a boutique nail salon based in Kitchener, Ontario, Canada.

According to Laura, The Nail Box are fully licensed to serve alcohol, and are known in the region for staying on top of the latest trends in the nail industry.

The Nail Box Window Signage

The Nail Box Logo
“I wanted to create an identity that was fun, feminine and edgy just like the salon itself! The logo was inspired by the pop art movement, with a modern twist. I chose the typeface Poppins Bold, because I wanted something easy to read in order to balance out the loud colours and busy pattern,” Laura said.

“Originally, the colour palette was going to be hot pink and black, but that ended up feeling very 2007 Avril Lavigne so I went with a more subdued rose pink which feels more sophisticated, and I ended up incorporating the hot pink into the brand pattern.”

The Nail Box brand pattern1The Nail Box brand pattern2


These business cards are not printed yet, but Laura is planning to use Moo for the card-printing.

“These cards will be printed via a soft touch finish with raised spot gloss on the front logo and back contact details for the ultimate luxurious experience!” she suggested.

All in all, it’s a bold and striking business card design that’s bound to capture attention!

The Nail Box businesscard sv2The Nail Box appointment cards The Nail Box Loyalty Card

Designed by Laura Couture

For The Nail Box

Business Card Printing
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