B Salon (Hair Stylist) Business Card

B Salon business cards

Metrodesign designed these business cards for B Salon, a hair and skincare salon in Chicago, Illinois, USA.

Metrodesign worked together with the client to develop the B Salon brand items to embody a daring, edginess while still evoking an upmarket appeal.

B Salon exterior3

B Salon exterior2

Logo Design & Unique Shape

B Salon’s business card design has a unique shape and a beautiful logo that catches people’s attention upon seeing it.

“The design inspiration came in the form of geometric, abstracted beehives reflecting both the busy nature of a salon as well as a play on its name ‘B’,” explained Carolyn Skaggs Chapple, the Creative Director of Metrodesign.

“Three colours were chosen for the branding – pink, black and white – for both their aesthetic appeal and to colour code the different needs/pods of the salon.”

The overall design was then perfected by foil stamping printing technique and die cutting.

B Salon pink cards3B Salon_black card

B Salon white cards2

Business Card Printing & Die-Cut

These business cards were printed by Accucolor, a printing service in Racine, Wisconsin.

“Three separate colours were chosen for the different needs of the salon: white cards for appointments, pink cards for hair stylists, and black cards for estheticians. Each card then utilized a bold mix of copper foil stamping and die cut corners,” Carolyn said.

All in all, these are classy, unique business card designs that will be recognized and remembered from a pile of ordinary business cards.

B Salon pink cards4B Salon_black cardsB Salon white cards3

B Salon pink cards2B Salon white cardsB Salon pink cardsB Salon packaging
B Salon packaging2B Salon exterior4

Designed by Metrodesign: A Creative Studio

Photographed by Natalie Marotta

Printed by Accucolor

For B Salon

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