Primerose Business Card

Maude Bussières designed these business cards for Primerose, a nail salon owned by Alexandra Simard in Montreal, Quebec.

“Primerose is a manicure salon in Montréal that uses only natural products and nail polish. These values, the name (Primerose, which designate a flower) and the function of the salon, all traced the way towards an illustration avenue for the design,” Maude said.


Apart from expressing the brand’s image of using mainly organic, non-toxic products for their business, the business card also exudes happiness and positive vibe, especially the joy and relaxation one experiences while having that much anticipated mani-pedi moment!

These business cards were printed via Indigo press on 13pts matte paper by Click Imprimerie, a little printer shop in Montréal.


Designed by Maude Bussières

Printed by Click Imprimerie

For Primerose (Alexandra Simard)

Business Card Printing
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