Barnati Barber Shop Business Card

Barnati Barber Shop business cards

Andreza Soares designed these business cards for Barnati, a barber shop with an old but modernized footprint and focused on providing quality service in a welcoming environment for customers.

Barnati has been in the market for almost 20 years. Therefore, the design challenge was to create an identity that would represent the business with extensive experience and loyal customers to its work.

Barnati logoBarnati business card
The business card design has a clean, retro vibe but with a modern twist. Instead of using the well-known black/white or black/gold pattern present in most barber shops, Andreza used a youthful orange for that striking appearance.

“The most important thing to express the visual path correctly was to do something with an old vibe but modernized in a more modern and classy way. The intention was to transmit on the business card the characteristics of the brand, such as quality of service and valuable presence, doing something of high quality,” Andreza said.

Barnati logo2Barnati colour palette
The typography used in the visual identity are Shackleton Regular for the logo and Interstate Bold for the auxiliary texts.

According to Andreza, the main inspiration for the look and typography used was the old style street barbershops, which have retro features and colour references such as wood brown tone and something between yellow and beige, bringing a very specific aesthetic of a cozy and reliable place.

These business cards are not printed but if they were, “They should be printed on a premium card with matt-finish and localized varnish on the front logo and the back seal,” Andreza suggested.

Barnati business cardsBarnati_business cardBarnati logo variationsBarnati signBarnati posters Barnati bag

Designed by Andreza Soares for Castilo Design


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For Barnati Barber Shop

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