Aesthetics AK Business Card

Grebis Design designed these business cards for Aesthetics Ak, a new and professional studio which provides education and treatment on micropigmentation and permanent makeup; fully trained and approved as an microblading specialists/artists.

“Aesthetics is a set of principles concerned with the nature and appreciation of beauty so this was the inspiration to create these beautiful cards as Aesthetics is the study of artistic taste. It seeks to answer why things are attractive to the senses,” said Peter Grebis, the founder of Grebis Design.


There’s something dynamic and special about this design. It stands out from other regular, mundane business cards and breathes new life of its own.

The palm tree leaf illustrations exudes a tropical and natural feel, while the black/gold contrast makes the card look elegant. Adding borders to the card adds sophistication to the design, making it more fascinating and professional.

These business cards were printed locally. For the printing materials, a rough textured linen (cotton paper) and post-consumer recycled brown paper were used in order to present the rustic, handcrafted look and feel.

Designed by Grebis Design

For Aesthetics AK

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