Manigarden Manicure & Pedicure Business Card

Manigarden business card

Danka Bandzarewicz designed these business cards for Manigarden, a manicure and pedicure salon.

“Manigarden is a place where women can take care of their hands in a pleasant botanical environment. There are a lot of plants and floral elements in the beauty salon,” said Danka, the designer and owner of Mozaika Studio in Krakow.

Manigarden logoManigarden logo construction
“The concept of the logo is based on a combination of hand (manicure) and leaf (garden) symbols. The logo is in the form of a seal, which is used on other elements of visual identification and on labels.”

And Danka is right, as the beautiful logo can be seen on Manigarden’s business cards, vouchers, bags and label designs for its hand care products.

Manigarden logo designManigarden bag
Speaking of the brand colours, Danka continued, “The colour palette is dark botanical green, soft pink – which gives the brand a feminine character – and also elegant gold.”

These business cards are not printed but if they were, “They would be printed on high-quality, mass-dyed decorative paper via hot foil stamping (hot stamping) finish,” she suggested.

The overall design is simple yet attractively elegant! Sometimes all you need is to keep it simple and focus on the right elements to get the brand message across.

Manigarden business cardsManigarden voucherManigarden label design

Designed by Danka Bandzarewicz at Mozaika Studio


For Manigarden

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