Braid Bar Business Card

Braid Bar business card

Kaye Huett designed these business cards for Braid Bar, a hairstylist brand that provides a large variety of high-quality braiding services to their clients and aims to offer a premium experience for their clients.

Kaye’s client, Otua, wanted a feminine vibe – though not overtly-pink – and to include a link to the African culture for her identity.

Braid Bar logo

Braid Bar pattern

“Otua and I discussed a holographic-style gradient for her branding. We wanted it to be colourful but not overly feminine as though the majority of her clients are female (hence why we wanted to push female empowerment), she also occasionally works with men,” Kaye said.

“Otua will also work on weddings and events but we wanted something different to the usual ‘wedding-style’ branding, florals/golds/serif typefaces.”

The main typeface of the logo is a customized version of a font called ‘Quirk’.

These business cards are not printed yet but if they were, “We’ve discussed using a holographic background (for the ‘girl power’ print) instead of the colour gradient, on a high GSM card with probably a smooth matte finish.”

Braid Bar business cardBraid Bar stickers

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Designed by Kaye Huett

For Braid Bar

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