Arch & Curl Beauty Brow Bar Business Card

Arch & Curl Beauty business card

Leila designed these business cards for Arch & Curl Beauty, an esthetician/owner of a lash and brow bar in Chandler, Arizona.

“Who doesn’t love a female run small business? The face behind this small business Arch & Curl Beauty is Cortney Gilmore. I was approached by Cortney to bring her dream brand to life, it was a big step for her to invest in her small biz and I was super excited to be the one to craft it for her,” Leila said.

Arch & Curl businesscard
“The brief was described to me as ‘simple, boho, modern’ with inspiration of soft green and peach tones. As a business which attracts both women and men clientele, I worked to find a balance between feminine and masculine design for the branding.”

Matching the brand name, the ‘curling’ effect can be seen on the logo design – graceful typeface with clever arrangement of the ampersand and the word ‘beauty’ next to it. Everything is shouting elegance here!

Arch & Curl Beauty logo
“The logos for Arch & Curl are formed of a personalized type based on the font Cinzel; the characters are intertwined giving a unique and timeless look,” Leila explained.

These business cards will soon be printed on matte textured card to match the boho natural vibe of the project.

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Arch and Curl business cards

Designed by Leila

For Arch & Curl Beauty

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