Uncle O’s Kitchen business cards

Uncle O’s Kitchen Italian Restaurant Business Card

IOANNES Studio designed these business cards for Uncle O’s Kitchen, an up-and-coming Italian restaurant based in Dubai.

The ristorante business cards come in multiple-coloured versions. With striking typography and colors, these cards are bound to impress.


A Retro Brand Image

Uncle O’s serves a wide range of classic Italian dishes such as pizza napoletana, torta di fromaggio, focaccia and more.

According to Juan, the owner of IOANNES Studio, the client wanted the brand to have a style from the 1960s Northern Italian, using classical typefaces and vibrant colors that represented the place.

“One of my proposals for the business cards, as well as the branding as a whole, was to make use of the iconic shots of orange or peach trees on a summery day.”

The graphic concept was inspired by old retro film and Northern Italian roots with a nostalgic summer feel.

“Most of these shots are from classically Italian-inspired movies such as Claire’s Knee (1970) or Call Me By Your Name (2018).”

“We’ve also added an illustrative symbol showing a hand holding a dough roll on the wooden tray.”

Uncle O’s Kitchen business cardsUncle O’s Kitchen illustration2


Striking Typography and Colors

The typeface used on the business card is from the Messapia font family (Regular and Bold). It includes a serif font inspired by a 19th century old font and a bold extended sans serif variant.

The logotype features a combination of these two fonts as well as other classical type variations, such as Snell Roundhand and Helvetica Neue. These typefaces complement the overall retro vibe perfectly.

Orange, blue and green are the chosen brand colours. They were inspired by the iconic shots of orange trees on a summery day.

Apart from that, the blank space between the brand names brings focus and dynamism, showing a nice contrast between the two logo fonts.

“The use of blank space between ‘Uncle O’s’ and ‘Kitchen’ was intentional in order for the client to use different backgrounds in the future for special occasions,” Juan explained.

“Additionally, the client wanted to separate the name (Uncle O’s) and the descriptor (Kitchen) to accentuate the naming of the brand a bit more.”

“Since the name ‘Uncle O’s’ has a possessive noun, it creates an open space to add other additional dishes into the naming of the brand. For example: Uncle O’s Pizza, Uncle O’s Focaccia, and Uncle O’s Babka, among others.”

Uncle O’s Kitchen business cards2


The Printing of Business Cards

Since the colors are vibrant and convey an important aspect of the branding, Juan suggested having the business cards printed on coated paper with a matte or satin finish.

“For the paper type, the client did not want the business cards to bend easily. So, a thicker cardstock (22 or 30 pt) such as textured Opaline of 180 grams would be more appropriate.”

“Finally, an emboss printing technique would be more suitable for the typefaces on the front of the business cards to make the brand name stand out.”

All in all, this is a simple yet eye-catching restaurant business card that will make a lasting impression.


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Designed by IOANNES Studio

For Uncle O’s Kitchen

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