Uncle O’s Kitchen Italian Restaurant Business Card

Uncle O’s Kitchen business cards

IOANNES Studio designed these business cards for Uncle O’s Kitchen, an up-and-coming Italian restaurant based in Dubai. The ristorante business cards come in multiple-coloured versions. With striking typography and colors, these cards are bound to impress.   A Retro Brand…

San Pepperoni Pizzeria Business Card

San Pepperoni business card

Mariana Friederich designed these business cards for San Pepperoni, an innovative and selective pizzeria that tries to make its customers fall in love with their pizza right away. The food at San Pepperoni is made with high-quality ingredients at a…

Good Vibes Yoga Business Card

Good Vibes business card

Kaye Huett designed these business cards for Good Vibes, a mindfulness and yoga coaching business. “Good Vibes aims to offer high-quality mindfulness & yoga (as well as future potential for careers) coaching for its clients,” Kaye said. “It brings personality, energy…