Uncle O’s Kitchen Italian Restaurant Business Card

Uncle O’s Kitchen business cards

IOANNES Studio designed these business cards for Uncle O’s Kitchen, an up-and-coming Italian restaurant based in Dubai. The ristorante business cards come in multiple-coloured versions. With striking typography and colors, these cards are bound to impress.   A Retro Brand…

Shaleníty Perfume Business Card

Shalenity_business card

Hanna Medianyk designed these business cards for Shaleníty, a Ukrainian niche perfume brand that uses only organic ingredients. “Shaleníty perfume lines are characterised by unique aroma accords and unusual combinations. Through the perfume, it lets you find, feel and express…

Effe Soda Business Card

Effe Business Cards

Eylul Tulcali designed these business cards for Effe, a lemon and lime soda business that wants to bring a little funk into their customers’ daily lives. “Effe is known for its fun photo contest, hosted on Instagram. Each month, a…