Effe Business Cards

Effe Soda Business Card

Eylul Tulcali designed these business cards for Effe, a lemon and lime soda business that wants to bring a little funk into their customers’ daily lives.

“Effe is known for its fun photo contest, hosted on Instagram. Each month, a mystery prize is awarded to the Instagram post with the most likes,” Eylul said.

The brand’s tagline, “Effe, bubbles of sour pleasure!” is reflected in the brand’s visual identity, including the printed materials and packaging, which are all bright and vibrant.

effe moodboard

Logo Design

The design of the business cards is extremely eye-catching, featuring the brand’s lively icon and colour combinations.

“I wanted to create a brand identity that is funky, fun, and creative. I used bold and vibrant colours for the logo and packaging design, and played with the brand name and the lemon icon for the sub-logo,” Eylul explained.

The logo’s submark was derived from the company’s name, resulting in the lemon slice icon. When it came to the logotype, the playful soda splash effect was added as a backdrop to create some contrast.

effe icon

Typography & Colours

“The base typeface (for the logotype) is Chee Conshred, but I modified it quite a bit,” Eylul continued.

“The reason for this is that I wanted to represent the sour, almost spiky sensation that comes from drinking lemon/lime sodas. This is represented by the wavy edges.”

When asked about the inspiration for the brand’s colour scheme, Eylul said, “I wanted to use a colour palette that this kind of brand wouldn’t normally use. They have nothing to do with the flavours, but are merely intended to pique the interest of the consumer due to their unique packaging design.”

Due to its simplicity and lack of clutter, as well as the stark contrast created by the use of different colours, Effe can no doubt stand out from the competition.

effe_packaging design

Business Card Printing

When it comes to printing, Eylul suggested, “I would definitely use an embossed sub-logo (the lime icon with the brand name) for increased visibility and 4 coloured painted edges to represent the brand colours. I would top it off with a matte finish.”

“For the paper, since I want it to feel a little heavier than the regular business cards, I would go with 30pt (the same thickness as a credit card) for a rigid, thick outcome and for the card to leave an impression.”

Effe Business Cardseffe can

Designed by Eylul Tulcali

For Effe

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