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Shaleníty Perfume Business Card

Hanna Medianyk designed these business cards for Shaleníty, a Ukrainian niche perfume brand that uses only organic ingredients.

“Shaleníty perfume lines are characterised by unique aroma accords and unusual combinations. Through the perfume, it lets you find, feel and express your own uniqueness. Also, it makes you go back in time and feel like you’re in a different place,” Hanna said.

“Shaleníty perfume lines are not meant to be mass-produced. The product is released every now and then. This makes it possible to control the quality of the product, choose the best feedstock, and develop unique flavors.”

The business card is designed to portray the image of naturality, minimalism, and style.


Logo Design

According to Hanna, the logo consists of two parts: a graphic and a font.

“For the graphic part, the circle visualises the everyday personality. It has smooth lines to go with it, showing the flavor, emotions, and feelings that envelop this personality and make it unique.”

“At the same time, the shape of the circle stays unchanged. It means that the perfumes complement the image and highlight its features, but they don’t change it.”

The typeface used for the visual identity is Songer Condensed.

“The massive and sustainable font displays impressive weight and big forms. This outline is quite simple. It brings out the brand’s main characteristics: tranquillity, confidence, and style.”


Colour Palette

Shaleníty perfume uses only organic ingredients, so the main colour palette is simple and natural as well.

“The main colours are ivory and granite grey (dusty turquoise is an additional). These colours are calm, muted, and deep. And most importantly, these shades are natural and organic.”

These business cards were printed on 30pt coated paper with Spot UV printing by ADPrint studio.

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Designed by Hanna Medianyk

Printed by ADPrint Studio

For Shaleníty

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