Kastil Slanica restaurant business cards

Kaštil Slanica Restaurant Business Card

Design Bureau Izvorka Juric designed these business cards for Kaštil Slanica, a family-owned restaurant that serves local specialties prepared in a superior way for guests to enjoy in the heart of the Cetina River canyon.

The restaurant’s business card design is part of a rebranding project conducted to communicate the restaurant’s values at a higher premium level. These business cards are authentic with a vintage, medieval vibe that can easily attract people’s attention.

The new visual identity also needs to reflect Kaštil Slanica as a place that combines catering, nature, local history, and family tradition into one complete story, while also appealing to locals and visitors alike who are interested in the area’s rich history and natural beauty.

Kastil Slanica restaurant stationery


A Logo Design Inspired by Castle and Salt

Kaštil Slanica is located in the family’s ancestral home, an old mill and a salt market from the 16th century, which serves as a small fortress accessed from the river, sea, and land.

Inspired by its history, the logo design was composed of the initials of the name Kaštil Slanica – “K” and “S”. Kaštil means “castle” in Croatian, while Slanica refers to “place of salt.”

The combination of the two primary motifs, depicting a castle and the letter “S” constructed by holes, resembling saltshakers, remains unchanged because of its relationship with the food service provided by the restaurant.

The entire brand is minimalistic yet elegant.

Kastil Slanica restaurant logo


An Elegant Typography

The typeface used for the visual identity is an elegant font named Brioni, designed by Nikola Djurek. Brioni Sans is used for the body text.

Izvorka described Brioni as a contemporary low-contrast typeface, pitched between weak-serif and robust-serif types.

“With the combination of Regular and Italic fonts in the logo design, we wanted to convey the combination of heritage and nature, which is essential to the subject,” she said.

Kastil Slanica restaurant business card_1Kastil Slanica restaurant logo and colours

A Nature-Inspired Colour Palette

The brand colours consist of beige, brown, and forest green. They are chosen in accordance with the location of the restaurant.

“It’s still possible to reach Kaštil Slanica by boat along the Cetina River today and experience this area’s rich flora and fauna.”

“Therefore, the colour palette was inspired by nature – the river, the colour of the earth, natural materials such as stone or wood, and the colours of local green foods,” Izvorka explained.


The Printing of Business Cards

Kreativni tisak printed these business cards using natural textured papers in the colours of beige, brown, and forest green.

“Two colours of paper laminated together, with print in silver hot foil and perforated with small holes in the shape of the letter “S” (part of the logo),” Izvorka added.


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Creative & Art Direction by Izvorka Juric at Design Bureau Izvorka Juric

Verbal Communication by Jelena Gvozdanović

Design & Presentation Photography by Jurica Kos

Printed by Kreativni tisak

For Kaštil Slanica

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