Iso-Bati + construction business cards

Iso-Bati+ Construction Business Card

Nomade Studio designed these business cards for Iso-Bati+, a Belgium-based company that offers construction, insulation and on-site expertise services.

These business cards are professionally designed and available in a variety of colours. Geometric elements can be seen prominently in the design, and they are associated with the brand’s primary services.

According to Christophe Lonneux, the designer at Nomade Studio, Iso-Bati+ is led by Julien Nyssen, who has a calm, meticulous and determined character that helps to solve problems related to construction, insulation and the completion of ambitious owners.


The Naming and Brand Image

The goal of the visual identity is to convey seriousness, precision, vitality, and dynamism.

The brand name, Iso-Bati+, has a “+” sign that refers to the multitude of services offered by the company.

It also represents the added value brought to each project by the expertise and proactivity of its CEO.

Christophe said, “This symbol alone reflects the fact that each project can always see further, see bigger, and gain in quality.”

“Many positive ideas can be inspired by a simple, common symbol like this.”

Clearly, the use of the plus sign in the logo design conveys the brand’s values and mission effectively!

Iso-Bati + Construction logo


Logo Design and Geometric Patterns

“The logo is based on a system of moving geometric shapes that draw spaces, just like a construction plan,” Christophe explained.

“This form of supervision reflects all the meticulousness, precision and sense of perfection of the Iso-Bati+ client.”

“We wanted to create a logo that would convey a sense of precision, similar to an architectural bureau. This will set the brand apart from other construction logos.”

“Also, this play of forms allows fluidity and movement in order to release variations ad infinitum.”


Typography and Colour Palette

The typeface used for the logotype is based on the font Circular Std by Lineto.

Christophe pointed out, “We chose Circular to remain consistent with the logo and its reflection of straightness, precision, but also elegant curves that recall the organic and fluid side of the logo.”

“These beautiful curves also give more relaxation to the system in order to establish a sympathetic relationship with the customer and create a welcoming character for the brand.”

In explaining the brand’s colour palette, Christophe stated that it’s directly inspired by the cutting mats (green), which is also an inspiration for the visual treatment of the branding, and the bricks used in Belgium (red).

“We also added an accent colour (orange) to increase visual impact and make the graphics more alive and fun.”

“Three neutral colours complete the palette: a warm black, a pure white and a cold grey used sparingly.”

“The whole thing gives a fairly varied yet original palette that matches the image of the company – serious and expert.”

Iso-Bati+ construction business card


The Printing of Business Cards

These business cards were printed by Imprim Group, a printing company located in Visé, Belgium.

“Imprim Group is a local company that produces both small and large prints. It has many machines to achieve exceptional print finishes,” Christophe said.

“We work with them frequently, which allows a relationship of trust and a very fluid collaboration.”

The business cards were printed on white Clairefontaine DCP paper of 350 g/m2.

“We decided not to add any particular finish in order to maintain a neutral appearance, without artifice, which gives a very accessible image, so as not to aim for a range that’s too high and unaffordable for their customers.”

“The paper is deliberately raw so that it creates a more natural and tactile experience when held.”


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Designed by Nomade Studio

Printed by Imprim Group

For Iso-Bati+

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