Spotlight on Collaboration: Taweechob Pinthong and CHAM Café

At, we’re always thrilled to showcase innovative collaborations that push the boundaries of design. This month, we’re excited to highlight a unique partnership between Taweechob Pinthong and CHAM café, culminating in the CHAM X TAWEECHOB exhibition in Bangkok.

Exhibition Highlights

Located at the CHAM THING CAFÉ on Soi Borommaratchachonnani 12, this exhibition is a testament to the power of collaboration in creating immersive environments. Taweechob Pinthong’s design works take center stage, encapsulating the CHAM essence not just through artworks but through a design aesthetic that transforms the space and engages the audience in an unprecedented manner.

Behind the Environmental Graphic Design

Reflecting the innovative spirit of this collaboration, the designs for the exhibition were meticulously crafted. The design leverages Glossmate material for a premium feel, complemented by a unique sticker finish that adds a personal touch to the tactile experience.

For more insights into Taweechob Pinthong’s design philosophy and a closer look at the CHAM X TAWEECHOB collaboration, follow them on Instagram at Taweechob Design.

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Cathy Duran
Cathy Duran
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