Hopel astronomy business cards

HOPEL Astronomy Business Card

Khang Nguyen designed these business cards for HOPEL, a brand that sells astronomy-related products such as books, artworks, telescopes, board games, 3D simulations and organizes astronomy workshops.

These astronomy-inspired business cards are super eye-catching and futuristic. The illustrations added the mysterious vibe while portraying a modern image as well.

The goal of HOPEL is to provide its customers with academic goods that give them a modern take on a mysterious, vast, and abstract universe. So, the business cards need to be able to both get people interested and show what the brand is all about.

Hopel astronomy branding


An Astronomy-Inspired Logo

The brand name, HOPEL, was inspired by the famous Hubble Telescope, which has created many memorable historical landmarks for mankind.

Khang explained that the name’s inclusion of the word “hope” indicated that scientists were still hopeful that they would find evidence of life beyond Earth.

“The logo depicts a host star with an orbit of other stars surrounding it. It was inspired by the idea that astronomers around the world have made it their mission to search for extra-terrestrial life.”

“There’s a vast area for them to explore in outer space, and they want to find a planetary system very similar to our own. That’s reflected in the logo, which reflects the undiscovered planetary system that the astronomers are hoping to find one day.”

Hopel astronomy_logo


A Modern Typography and Colour Scheme

The logo font was custom designed by Khang himself.

“The small angles appearing in the letters H, P, and E are how I show the shadows of the horizontal strokes in the letters when light from the universe shines on the letters in the logo,” he explained.

The typeface used for the title and subtitle on the business card is Coupeur Haltere, while Agrandir is used for the body text.

“The font I wanted to use had to be unique, mysterious, and yet modern, lasting over time. This is because the brand is aimed at people who are curious about the cosmos,” Khang said.

“The illustrations on the business cards depict stars and asteroid belts, which are extremely common in the vast universe out there.”

“As for the colour palette, it was inspired by science fiction movies, with cool tones typical of modern technological devices that are brought in to explore the universe more deeply.”

The blue and purple tones used across the visual identity are just right to remind people of the vastness of the galaxy, and how we are often bewildered by its possibilities and beauty.

Hopel astronomy business card


The Printing of Business Cards

These business cards have not been printed yet, but if they were, Khang suggested having them printed on fine art paper with a good thickness to make them look more sturdy.

“In addition,” Khang continued, “these business cards will also have painted edges.”


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Designed by Khang Nguyen


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