Astronomical Business Cards

Featuring business cards with astronomical elements. Check out these unique astronomical business cards here!

Aster Premium Bar Business Card

Aster Bar business card

The Bar Brand People designed these business cards for Aster, a world class bar that promises an unparalleled drinking and dining experience. Aster is situated atop the highest floor of the InterContinental Hotel Sydney, an iconic hotel in the heart…

HOPEL Astronomy Business Card

Hopel astronomy business cards

Khang Nguyen designed these business cards for HOPEL, a brand that sells astronomy-related products such as books, artworks, telescopes, board games, 3D simulations and organizes astronomy workshops. These astronomy-inspired business cards are super eye-catching and futuristic. The illustrations added the…

Aspen Wax Candle Business Card


Polina Leonova designed these business cards for Aspen, a natural soy wax candle brand based in London. “Aspen has a great rate of customer loyalty as it has been operating on the market since 1988,” Polina said. Speaking of the…

The Astronomy Roadshow Business Card

The Astronomy Roadshow businesscards

Alicja Surga designed these business cards for The Astronomy Roadshow, a museum based in London, UK. According to Alicja, the museum was founded with love for those who love to discover the universe and experience the wonders of the night…

Rita Diamond Casais Astrologer Business Card

Rita Diamond Casais Astrologer_business card

Ana Noversa and Inês Vieira designed these business cards for Rita Diamond Casais, a young astrologer whose astrological charts cover the influential signs in a birth chart and how they shape one’s personality. Rita’s work is known to be thoughtful.…