Aster Bar business card

Aster Premium Bar Business Card

The Bar Brand People designed these business cards for Aster, a world class bar that promises an unparalleled drinking and dining experience.

Aster is situated atop the highest floor of the InterContinental Hotel Sydney, an iconic hotel in the heart of Sydney, offering guests the opportunity to enjoy harbourside luxury.

Let’s delve into the intricacies of this exquisite business card design and discover the expertise behind The Bar Brand People’s vision.


Brand Image

Aster’s visual identity is a reflection of its elevated position, perched 32 levels above the shimmering Sydney Harbour.

Derived from the astronomical term for “star,” the brand draws inspiration from the concepts of stargazing and celestial navigation, paying homage to the mariners who once relied on the night sky to chart the waters of Sydney Cove.

According to The Bar Brand People, “Aster is all about encouraging exploration as customers chart their way through a world-class menu and discover something new with each visit.”

“The Aster brand identity reflects the premium hotel bar offering and is conceptually driven by the idea of stargazing as customers experience a panoramic view of Sydney Harbour as the sun sets.”


Logo Design

The Aster wordmark is accompanied by a custom brand icon that is inspired by the shape of an asterisk, capturing the essence of stargazing and celestial navigation.

The Bar Brand People explained, “Traditionally, an asterisk is a star-shaped typographical symbol that indicates there is something more to learn or discover, so this is used as a metaphor across the brand collateral.”

This logo design artfully combines the world of culinary excellence with the enchanting allure of the night sky, making Aster stand out from the crowd.

The symbol can also be seen on a series of ice stamps, which represent key elements of the bar’s drinks programme, such as the harbour aged spirits, the local botanicals, and the classics.

Aster Bar business cards


Typography and Colour Palette

Both Aster’s typography and colour palette contribute to its classy appeal.

“The brand wordmark is typeset in a classic sans serif typeface and is designed to be understated and timeless,” The Bar Brand People said.

“A holographic foil has been used across the Aster brand touchpoints, which contrasts against the monochromatic colour palette and shifts in colour as day turns to night.”


Printing of Business Cards

These business cards were printed by Think and Grow, a printing company based in Alexandria, Australia.

The cards were printed on Colorplan Ebony duplex on Colorplan Real Grey with holographic foil and spot UV.

These premium print finishes successfully embody the pinnacle of elegance and sophistication, elevating the Aster brand to new heights!


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Designed by The Bar Brand People

Printed by Think and Grow

For Aster

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