Orbit Business Cards

Featuring business cards that use the idea of an orbit as one of their major design elements. Check out these orbit business cards.

Aroura Bakery Business Card

Aroura Bakery business card

Menucha Volkov designed these business cards for Aroura, a local artisan bakery that specializes in sourdough bread. The business card design is modern and timeless with its minimalist yet creative approach. Not only that, the card’s signature blue tones really…

HOPEL Astronomy Business Card

Hopel astronomy business cards

Khang Nguyen designed these business cards for HOPEL, a brand that sells astronomy-related products such as books, artworks, telescopes, board games, 3D simulations and organizes astronomy workshops. These astronomy-inspired business cards are super eye-catching and futuristic. The illustrations added the…

OEDM Consulting Business Card

Oedm business card

DeLeon Creative designed these business cards for OEDM, a solution-driven consulting firm that provides a holistic approach to supplementing agencies in their journey for long-term success. “The design concept behind the logo was to create a minimal and unique mark…