Aroura Bakery business card

Aroura Bakery Business Card

Menucha Volkov designed these business cards for Aroura, a local artisan bakery that specializes in sourdough bread.

The business card design is modern and timeless with its minimalist yet creative approach. Not only that, the card’s signature blue tones really set the brand apart from its competitors.

“Aroura is a bakery specializing in sourdough bread. They offer loafs to go and specialty sandwiches, melts, etc., all made fresh in house.,” Menucha said.

“We wanted Aroura to be both your beloved and trusted local bakery that you visit on your lunch break or for family brunch; and that delicious, Instagrammable spot every visitor is dying to try.”


A Sophisticated Typography

When it comes to the typeface used for the logo, Menucha wanted to use the decorative Tan Pearl due to its delicate fluid lines.

She explained, “To give it the perfect pair, we matched it with a classic sans serif, Montserrat. Thus, making it feel accessible to all with the right tinge of sophistication.”

“The business cards are high contrast and simple, so the information can be clear, while the clean and creative layout also makes them a good momento.”

Aroura Bakery logo


Aroura Logo Design

In addition to the stylish font, Menucha also added a circular line to the logo as a tribute to the brand name.

“We wanted to play with these elements in a way that they became almost an extension of the type.”

“The ‘orbit’ helps tie the name together and also, in a very abstract way, mimics a loaf of bread.”

“Within the branding, there are many other circular elements, giving it a close, warm feeling.”

“A bakery, through its food brings people together, and the circular elements help capture and relay that in the branding.”

“It is a place of gathering, bringing together friends, locals and visitors with its unique modern atmosphere and delicious food.”

Aroura Bakery logos_moodboard


A Fresh Colour Palette

A combination of periwinkle blue and off-white gave Aroura business cards a distinct look. They did exactly what they were supposed to do, which was convey a modern and creative message.

Menucha said, “We wanted to use colours that you don’t traditionally see in the bakery industry, resulting in a branding that feels fresh and unique.”

Adding a star symbol on the contact side of the card is a nice touch. According to Menucha, it became part of the branding, keeping it modern and versatile so that it’d be easier to expand and branch out to other endeavours.

Aroura Bakery packaging design


The Printing of Business Cards

These bakery business cards have a vertical layout on one side and a horizontal layout on another.

It was Menucha’s goal to design a business card that stood out from the crowd while still highlighting the right message and information.

When it comes to printing, she suggested having the business cards printed on solid, regular matte paper without any fancy finishes.

“It is a bakery, so it has to be easy, light, included in every order, and on display (it made more sense to invest in customized tissue paper and packaging).”


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Designed by Menucha Volkov

For Aroura Bakery

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