Von Georgia vegan sweet treats business cards

Von Georgia Vegan Sweet Treat Business Card

Fatima Mughal designed these business cards for Von Georgia, an online-based vegan sweet treat studio located in Berlin, dedicated to creating delicious, healthy, plant-based dessert alternatives for conscious consumers.

Von Georgia prioritises taste above all else. Their handcrafted products are created in small batches, ensuring quality and flavour in every bite.

Now, let’s delve into these lovely business cards – they exude a subtle and charming vibe, thanks to the beautiful gradients and classy typography that complement each other.


Logo Design and Typography

The monogram VG, which cleverly represents the company’s name with stacked lettering, is a standout feature.

Fatima explained, “We used a modern typeface that is subtle and has a stylish flair to it, so it won’t overshadow my client’s work.”

“For instance, since her cakes are decorated with fresh fruits, we decided to come up with a simple design to avoid clutter in her photoshoots.”

Von Georgia vegan sweet treats studio logo


Colour Palette 

 These business cards come in multiple versions, primarily featuring orange and purple tones.

According to Fatima, these beautiful gradients were made to showcase the soft pastels her client uses in her creations.

“For this brand, our focus was firmly on the colours rather than the imagery. I went with soft gradients, blending soft pastel hues with bright shades, drawing inspiration from my client’s work.”

“We also experimented with both darker and lighter gradients to make the logo stand out.”


Printing of Business Cards

When it comes to printing, Fatima recommended using cardboard texture paper for the business cards to provide a natural feel and touch.

“We opted for normal inkjet printing because it is successful at printing on textured paper,” she added.

The result? An elegant and modern business card design that perfectly embodies the brand’s style and essence!


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Designed by Fatima Mughal

For Von Georgia

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