Trellis Beauty Business Card

Molly Beaton designed these business cards for Trellis Beauty, a clean beauty store located in Raleigh, NC – the first of its kind in the city.

“All of Trellis Beauty’s branding was meant to feel fresh, bright and natural, using fun pops of color and organic shapes,” Molly said.

Pink and blue are used throughout the visual identity. Molly designed a sleek logo to accompany these bright, pastel colours.

The pink icons are a lovely addition to the business card design, making the brand look fun and welcoming!

“We wanted the business cards to represent both the brand’s ethos and the products they stock,” Molly explained.

“Hence the flatlay icons representing both beauty products and eco-friendly themes.”


The Printing of Business Cards

The actual business cards have rounded corners, which is a brilliant way to stand out!

MOO printed these business cards and according to Molly, “We used the heaviest cardstock MOO had to offer, and for an extra pop of color, the cards all have a bright pink edge.”

“The cards feel weighty in your hand and really leave an impression.”

All in all, it’s a clean and beautiful design that captures the brand’s image and values perfectly!


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Designed by Molly Beaton

Printed by MOO

For Trellis Beauty

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