Louisiana MoMA business cards

The Louisiana Museum of Modern Art Business Card

Zoltán Visnyai designed these business cards for The Louisiana Museum of Modern Art, an art museum located in Humlebaek, Denmark.

The Louisiana MoMA is an institution that places great emphasis not only on the fine arts but also on the co-arts. The business card is part of the rebranding project by Zoltán for the museum.

“I made the brief for myself as it was a personal project. So, I imagined what the system of criteria might be for the institution: a business card that is definitely memorable, quality, but not luxury. I think I achieved this with the carefully selected material,” he said.

Louisiana MoMA business cardLouisiana MoMA logo variation

Logo Design & Concept

According to Zoltán, the diversity and multiplicity of the museum is expressed by a dynamically changing 26-pointed star shape.

“The form of this generative logo reveals the branch of art currently in the foreground, and the stems of the stars reveal the name of the designer, artist, musician, or author. Each stem of the star can correspond to a letter of the English alphabet.”

“The colour of a particular logo can be matched to the colour scheme of the promotional images. The black letter ‘L’ and the curved inscriptions are responsible for a unified visual world, while each exhibition and event is endowed with a unique logo.”

Louisiana MoMA_logo animation1Louisiana MoMA logo variation2

Typography & Colours

The curved typography is one of the unique, memorable elements of the business card design.

Explaining the inspiration behind it, Zoltán said, “The idea came while I was making the layout of the poster. I liked it so much that I extended it to the whole identity. Thus, it became one of the most defining visual elements.”

Louisiana MoMA business card3

“For the typeface, I used the wonderful Atlas Grotesk (regular) for the whole identity. I made a hierarchy with different sizes and underlines without using bolds or lights.”

As for the colour palette, “I wanted to use more colours for the brand, because most of the MoMA brands around the world are either using black and white or just one brand colour. I was curious if it could work some other way, so I made this colour palette. Honesty, I just wanted to make a cool and distinctive look.”

Louisiana MoMA business cards2

These business cards were printed by Masterpiece Packaging and Binding (MPB Hungary), a printing company located in Budapest, Hungary.

“The cards are duplexed (350+350 g/m2) made of matte paper, digitally printed due to the small number of copies. For larger numbers, screen printing would have been more appropriate,” Zoltán said.

Louisiana MoMA business card2Louisiana MoMA business card_frontLouisiana MoMA tickets2Louisiana MoMA ticketsLouisiana MoMA magazineLouisiana MoMA magazine2Louisiana MoMA brochure2Louisiana MoMA brochureLouisiana MoMA chocolate packagingLouisiana MoMA chocolate packaging2Louisiana MoMA posterLouisiana MoMA posters2

Designed by Zoltán Visnyai

Printed by MPB Hungary

Photographed by Márton Ács

For The Louisiana Museum of Modern Art

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