40+ Creative Black and White Business Card Designs (for 2022)

40 Creative Black and White_Business Card Designs

Black and white business cards, if being done right, can make a brand stand out from the crowd! Some people think that black and white business cards are only suitable for corporate brands, while some even perceived that black/white cards are dull and uninteresting!

To debunk this myth, we’re here to show you a collection of black and white business cards that we’ve featured over the years that are not only awesome to look at, but memorable as well!

Andrew Wams

Andrew Wams business card

What if you can’t decide to use mainly black or white for your business card? Use both then! That’s exactly what Onoriode Aluya did for his client – black/white for each side of the card – and it looks perfect for a freelance web/mobile app developer. Find out the inspiration behind the card design here.

Black Room

Blackroom business card 2

Designed by Erva Design for a consulting company. To show that the brand is confident and professional, they even add a nice printing effect so that the cards are more tactile and memorable! Of course, a catchy name and logo helped too. Check out the printing details here.

Suzanne Nutt Landscapes

Check out this amazing business card design by Kaori Drome for a landscape designer. It uses the black and white colour scheme and letterpress printing technique for that classy vibe! The pattern is absolutely stunning to look at. Don’t miss the details here.

Guglielmo Pepe

Guglielmo Pepe business card

Designed by Paolo De Angelis for an architect and interior designer, this unique business card design has a three dimensional logo and cut-out on the sides! Definitely an interesting way to get people to notice and remember the brand. More design details here.



MVA business cards

A minimalist yet clever business card design by Studio8585 for an architectural designer. The gap between the letters are intentional, as the designer at Studio8585 puts it “In the gap, many things can happen.” Apart from that, blind embossing is used on the back of the business card. Check it out here.



Check out this sophisticated business card design by Polina Leonova for a London-based natural soy wax candle brand. The black and white colour scheme is perfect for this astrology-themed branding design! Find out all the details here.

Tasos Andriotis Chef

Tasos chef business cards

If you’d like to have a simple yet elegant design, take a look at Chrysanhtopoulos’ black and white business card design for a chef. He makes use of illustration that matches with the brand name and even edge-painted the cards for that added appeal! Find out more details here.


Hinterland business card

A nice, clean black and white business card design by Fredericus l’Ami for a L.A.-based restaurant. What seems to be a simple design actually has more stories to it. You need to read more to find out.

Miguel Trias

Miguel Trias business card

Even if you’re a designer, it doesn’t mean you should stay away from black and white business cards. Designed by Miguel Trias for his personal branding as a multi-disciplinary designer, his business card design is minimal yet clever! We love the idea of adding special meanings to one’s logo. Also, who doesn’t love a letterpress business card? Check out more details here.

Ch’ng Ning

Ch'ng Ning business card

Another interesting black and white business card design for a Singapore-based branding creative, designed by Ch’ng Ning herself. She uses visual elements to attract attention and expresses a friendly vibe. More details here.


Through the use of geometric shapes (and a print finishing), Whitnee King helps her client, an Australia-based personal trainer, to express a unique and premium health/lifestyle brand experience through a black and white business card design. If you’re into something minimal, don’t miss the design details here.

Liam Foster

Liam Foster business card

Designed for his own branding and visual identity design business, Liam Foster uses a vertical layout for his card, and adds interesting pattern to make his logo stand out. Another fine example of how a black and white business card can look both professional and creative at the same time! Check out the design details here.


Mullygrub business card

What a playful and modern design! Created by David Byerlee for an Australia-based café and food truck, this monochrome business card impresses with its modern hand-drawn typography and a nice glossy effect. Find out more details here.

David Byerlee

Byerlee Design business cards

For David’s very own business card design, he uses a minimalist approach while keeping the card sleek and sophisticated, with white foil finish on thick cardstock! This is actually an upgrade from his previous business card design. Definitely a must-see here.


epoch business card

As a watch repair company, using a black/white colour palette is quite an interesting choice as it gives a timeless feel. Furthermore, Victor Bucio designs a playful typography for the card to make it stand out from other competitors. Find out the card design inspiration, including its possible printing results here.


DataYard letterpress business card

As a tech company that offers cloud hosting & internet service, DataYard is looking for a unique design to make an impression. Designed by Jeremy Loyd, the black and white business cards look fabulous with a retro feel while maintaining a clean, professional look. Plus, a vertical layout always catches people’s eye! Check out the details here.

Torno Y Lima

Torno y Lima business card

It’s hard not to be impressed with a letterpress business card! Designed by Emilce M. Rodríguez for a decorating company, it’s important to keep the brand playful and memorable. Black and white colour palette is perfect for illustrations too. Don’t miss the details here.


christopher santoro business card

Going back to basics! Using just black and white colours and a catchy logo, Santoro is able to make an impression for his graphic design business. This is actually a rebranding project for Santoro. Do head over here and find out the before/after details.

Sam Zaragoza

sam zaragoza business card

If you wish to keep things simple but modern, check out this monochrome business card design by Miki Grujic for a real estate broker. The card has a nice contrast and delivers a sophisticated look! More about the design process and details here.

Untold Consultants

Untold business card

Designed by Steve Younger for a Sydney-based company of brand strategists and designers. What we love about this black and white business card design is that they use conversational approach to display their contact details, including two speech bubbles within the logo itself! Seriously, don’t miss the details here.

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Swanson’s Fabrics

Swanson's Fabrics business cards2

Instead of the usual colourful style for fabric stores/companies, Liz Moran uses black and white colours for her client’s business card design. The overall design appeals to both genders alike. More about this modern design here.

Avt’s Design Co

Avt’s Design businesscard_2

Designed by Avtaar Dhalliwal for his freelance design practice, this black and white business card is super eye-catching. It also uses unique typography to capture people’s attention, apart from its beautiful contrast. More details here.

Verde Resto & Lounge

verde resto and lounge business cards

Designed by KUDOS for a restaurant. By adding illustration and a debossed effect on the vertical card, this black and white business card exudes an elegant and modern vibe. Check out more details here.


Tiago business card

What a clean, simple and friendly business card design by Tiago Sá, a graphic designer! Sometimes it’s great to keep things clear and legible. Also, there are a lot more to this card than just a minimalist design. Find out all the details here.

Baby Company Inc.

baby company inc business card

Designed by Hiroto Nagai for an US-based integrated business development company. Black and white never fails for a professional look. Also, the horizontal lines work well to represent a growing, capable company. More details here.

Vin Thomas

vin thomas personal card

A monochrome business card always works well to express simplicity. Designed by Vin Thomas for his personal branding, he chooses a basic shape (with good reasons) and create a pattern based on it. More design details here.

Deselk Studio

Deselk Studio business card

A graphic design studio that creates their visual branding based on a mystical animal. The business card design has a nice balance, with the use of black and white for that modern/mysterious vibe throughout. Check it out here.

Kimmo Äijälä Design

Kimmo sticker business card

For someone who’s not a big fan of business cards, Kimmo Äijälä surely works hard to make sure his business cards for his Finland-based design company appear as special as possible. The picture above already gave you a hint, but to know more about the story, head over here.

Hurrah! Production

hurrah! business card

Designed by Rayz Ong for a Singapore-based creative production agency, this black and white business card design has an adorable mascot and uses painted edge for that striking appearance. Be sure to find out more here.

ORI Systems

ori system business card

Designed by Kristine Arth for a company that uses robotic system to enable effortless transformation of interior spaces. These business cards are heavily inspired by origami and we’re loving it! Black and white are the perfect colours for them indeed. Get inspired by this amazing project here.

Torre Cora

Torre Cora business card

Designed by Lanza Studio for a residential and business tower. This black and white business card design looks clean and elegant. It is made with heart too. Find out more here.

Ojo Cafe

Ojo Cafe business card

Just like its brand name, Ojo Café gets all the eyeballs on its business cards. Designed by Paola Santos for a Philippines-based café that serves iced coffee, this business card design and its branding collaterals are so much fun (and creative)! Be sure to check them out here, you won’t regret it!

Tropics Juice Bar

Tropics Juice Bar business card

Designed by Pedro Paulino for a bar that serves juices and smoothies. It’s interesting to use just black and white for a brand that serves colourful drinks. Apart from that, the business card design has an interesting twist as well! Be sure to find out what it is here.


Transforma business cards

Designed by Paul Marcucilli for an e-commerce platform, this black and white business card design uses arrows to express its brand in a smart and stylish way. The dynamic feel is just right for this mission-driven brand. Find out more here.

Rui Ma

Rui Ma Business card

Keeping it very simple and modern! Rui Ma’s business cards show personality and are catchy enough due to the hand-drawn symbols and black/white colours. The card design has character and style. Be sure to find out more here.

Fabrizio Falcone

Fabrizio Falcone businesscard

Designed by Fabrizio Falcone for his personal branding, his business cards are super memorable and fun! Fabrizio makes sure that his business cards look unique through the hand-drawn faces. Can you guess what inspired the faces? Find out the answers here.


Spätzlepress - Branding

Designed by Michael Haberbosch for a food truck that cooks traditional meal, this is a modern black and white business card design that focuses on the elegant typography while keeping it clean and simple. Details here.

La Pala Boqueria

La Pala Boqueria business cards

La Pala Boqueria is a pizza place located in Barcelona. Designed by Submachine, the business cards are using mainly black and white while at the same time, giving its branding a contemporary look with a stylish logotype. The cards come in two versions, find out how they were printed here.

Owen Jones


Combined with proper printing techniques, these business cards are able to showcase a professional and elegant brand image. Designed by Lisa Oliver and her team for their agency, the idea of story-telling is being presented brilliantly here! Don’t miss all the printing details here.

Yra Studios

YRA businesscards

Designed by Yra Studios for its graphic design studio, this black and white business card design uses the brand’s initials to create patterns that can be recognized everywhere. Find out more here.

Professor Eric Yim

Eric Yim business card_1

An eco-friendly business card design that wows! Designed by ALAND for a professor, this business card uses the perfect paper material to house all those titles, including a self-portrait of the card owner himself. You wouldn’t want to miss the design details here.

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