Terra Mea business card

Terra Mea Jewellery Business Card

The Letterist designed these business cards for Terra Mea, a jewellery brand based in California, USA.

“Founded by award-winning jewellery designer and master stone setter Pamela Harris, Terra Mea is a unique fine jewellery line that calls attention to unexpected gemstones,” explained Anja Savic, the Creative Director of The Letterist.

Terra Mea jewellery

“Overlooked, found, or vintage stones are surrounded by more traditionally revered gems (diamonds, pearls and sapphires) resulting in an astounding collection of bold, whimsical, and truly one of a kind pieces. The once overlooked stones become the stars of the pieces that make up the Terra Mea collection.”

Terra Mea’s business cards are authentically designed with an arch shape to accommodate the typographic elements beautifully.

Terra Mea business card2

The brand name Terra Mea means ‘my land’, or ‘my earth’ in Latin. Due to that, The Letterist chose a bright terracotta colour and two other muted complementary shades to create three different business cards.

“Again, referencing the earth, we used an unusual geometric shape to create a striking and memorable business card that also echoes the designer’s unique approach to stone setting.”

The Letterist printed these business cards themselves. “The graphic mark ‘TERRA’ was blind debossed, and the rest of the details were foil stamped in gold,” Anja said.

“The business cards were duplexed, combining two sheets of 300gsm to make them extra thick and luxurious.”

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Designed, Photographed & Printed by The Letterist

Product Photography by Matthew David Studio

For Terra Mea

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